I can’t even count how many blogs I have tried to create in my lifetime. It’s something I love and want to do, but I’ve never had it stick.  I’m very much inspired by people who write all the time, and I used to be one of those people, but once I became an owner of an iphone, macbook, and ipad, I kind of forgot about all of the things I used to love like writing and reading.  I still SAY I love those things, but truth is, I spend more time watching Netflix than reading the shelves of books in my house. Realizing this breaks my heart.

So, I am trying to put the two together by getting back into writing (via my macbook, obvi). This blog is where I shall post my thoughts and feelings (and trust me, I have a LOT of feelings),

Along with posting about my dreams and difficulties. I know I will end up repeating myself a lot, but that’s ok. Don’t read on if you’ll get sick of that. 

More on everything later, I just really felt the need to start this up-AGAIN- and see where it takes me. I’d just love to have some experience with writing that I could possibly show someone some day.



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