College Years…best of your life?

Why does life seem so difficult right now? College is supposed to be the best years of your life, right? That’s what older people say anyway. Right now all I’m feeling is frustrated and inexperienced. I can’t get a “real” job because I don’t have a degree, but I want a job NOW where I can gain work experience for my future. In looking at Disney jobs, I’m unqualified for almost everything simply because I don’t have the experience. Yes, I realize that’s why I’m in school and I will gain leadership experience through classes and internships and such, but I am SO ready to get on with my life. Where is my time machine?! 

I know I don’t want to look back on college and regret not taking advantage of it, but I also can’t stand feeling so young and dumb. At the end of high school you feel accomplished and knowledgable. But you start college and feel like you’re back in sixth grade, not knowing ANYTHING about life. Everyone around you is smarter and “above” you in everything. I know once I’m a junior and senior, ill feel alright. But then I’ll graduate and feel helpless all over again once I start looking for a “big kid job”. Why does life work like that? Why can’t we all be equally successful, no matter the age?
The best thing to do is to stay where I’m at. Live at home, save everything I can, finish school quickly and efficiently, and through that I may be able to gain other experience. I feel like, even though working at a tanning salon isn’t exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life, staying at the same job and having a good recommendation from them is better than anything else. I I can say that I’ve worked at the same job for five or six years, and was a great worker and did what I was asked, that should count for something. 
There’s my rant for the day. Just getting out frustrations about feeling so very small…

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