ShayLoss Five Week Challenge Day 4

Oh man. A lot to update today. Lots of ShayLoss to talk about, as well as a lot of emotional things about how different I’m feeling these days. I’m already an emotional person, but there are new things special to today.

First I’ll talk about my activity.

ShayLoss day 4 is a home workout day. I did 10 gravity defying pushups, 15 modified pushups (regular ones), and then some various arm workouts with my mom’s 8 pound weights. I did three sets of 10 reps for each workout. One of the sets I did while on hold with financial aid for ten whole minutes. Later I went to the gym and ran 3.5 miles, and did a warmup and cool down which added up to 1.25 miles total. EVEN AFTER THAT I went on a three mile walk with Jaelen. I was afraid I would wake up really sore, but I’m ok so far. 

Mom took us to a fabulous juice bar today. Definitely inspired me to do some juicing as well as everything else. I’ve got SUCH a problem with vegetables, I think juicing will be good to still get some vegetables, but mask it with fruit. 
I don’t think I really showed this is earlier posts, but I did in my video. This my my “motivation” wall in my bathroom. These are my goals for weight loss so I can always see them. I also have my savings amounts for when I move to Orlando, and my Tower of Terror running plan to keep me on track. 
All three of my goals aren’t there to achieve ALL of them, but they’re more to see which one happens first. As far as the weight goal, I don’t know if I would look healthy being 160. I think the last time I was 160 I was in junior high. So I may just need to be happy with sub-200 and being a medium/10-12 size. And as far as the middle, emotional goal, that’s the most important to me. My friends are all petite, scrawny, thin people. I always feel like I stick out like a sore, swollen, fat thumb. When I don’t feel like that anymore is when I’ll be happy with my weight. 

I encouraged my sister to also write down her goals. She told me one of them was to wear a medium so that she can wear her camp shirt when she goes next month. I told her to try it on just to see how far she had to go. 
It fit. She hasn’t been able to wear it at all, because it didn’t even fit when she first got it last summer. I’m so incredibly proud of my little sister. She’s been a trooper with all of this, and we both agree that we feel better and don’t crave bad food anymore. 
This is there the “how I’m feeling” comes in. I was so lethargic and exhausted for no reason,  and depressed before I started all of this. My mom told me yesterday “you’re back. I know you’re back because I’m exhausted after being around you. I missed that. You weren’t you when you came home.” And it’s so true. I hated myself, because even though I was working out, it wasn’t enough because it was IMPOSSIBLE to eat well at school. The choices just weren’t available. I took three, four,five hour naps every day because I was exhausted and malnourished. I’ve taken MAYBE two naps in the last month, and they were much shorter than in the past. I’m feeling happy and energized–something I don’t know if I’ve EVER felt. 
I don’t crave sugar. I don’t crave carbs. This is SUCH a big deal for me. I’ve been addicted to food my whole life, and I’ve finally broken that. It’s because we aren’t eating processed, packaged foods. That’s all there is to it. 

This is a five week difference. Can you imagine in five more weeks??


ShayLoss Five Week Challenge Day 3

Today on ShayLoss, it’s recipe day. So I thought I would write out a few recipes of my own. Since I have several I want to post, I’ll do different types of recipes each week during these five weeks. I may have several in one post, or just one. But I’ll try and do a new one each week until August. 

Week 1: breakfast (smoothies)
Week 2: lunch
Week 3: snacks and “desserts”
Week 4: dinner
Week 5: ??
Smoothies are my favorite thing. I usually have one for breakfast and one for dinner. They’re probably one of the easiest, healthiest things besides just acting raw fruit. I know it all depends what you put in it, but it’s great to stay in track, especially if you’re busy. 
My two favorite smoothies are strawberry and “Dole Whip”
For the strawberry, it’s literally strawberries, water, protein powder. I also add flax seed to my smoothies, because its great for your metabolism. Sometimes I’ll add some vanilla or something, but that’s only if I’m feeling really fancy. I don’t usually add milk or almond milk to it, just to save calories. The protein powder gives it a good texture. I’ve heard adding frozen bananas to a smoothie will make it more creamy. 
My “Dole Whip” smoothie is pineapple, half almond milk and half water, lemon juice, and protein powder. It tastes just like a Dole Whip from Disney World. I’m not a HUGE fan of pineapple, but it’s a little taste of Disney when I’m waiting for our next trip. 
None of my smoothies have measurements. I just eyeball it and wing it. So don’t be afraid to get creative with it! There are endless possibilities for smoothie making. 

Bad Ass Book Club

Today, my friend Jamie texted me and asked if I wanted to read a book with her. Um, this is ME we’re talking about. I hear the word “book” and I spazz. So back to reading stuff! We’re going to read Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace along with another friend, Taylor, because we’re not at the same school anymore, and what better way to keep in touch? Plus, I HATE when I read and can’t talk to people about it. So I’m very excited to start this. It’ll be a journey.

This book is massive. Jamie didn’t tell me it was 1,079 pages when I agreed to start. XD But I’m ready for a challenging read and I’m ready to see how it goes. 

ShayLoss day 2

Day two!

Woke up at the buttcrack of day to help my parents un-decorate a house, which was a good workout in and of itself. 😉 Came home and went to the gym and was on the treadmill for a little over an hour! Teton Crest warmup for 20, then 46 minute run.

My run was not a super official run, I did a lot of walk/run/walk/run etc. But I felt good and was able to go as far as I had wanted. 3.25!! Very proud of myself. Never in a million years did I think I would be able to do anything remotely similar to running that far.

After running, I came home to make lunch, because it had been about 7 hours since I’d had breakfast. There was nothing in the kitchen to eat! So I went to the store and got a basket of GREAT food choices. Nothing is better feeling than going through the grocery store with GOOD food in your basket. It’s empowering to go past the cookies and cakes and muffins and goodness and knowing, “I’m going to be thin. Cookies will not make me thin. The things in my cart WILL.” Not to say that I’ll NEVER have a cookie again, because HELL NAW would that ever happen. But to not be quite as tempted is great. I’ve done too well making this lifestyle a habit to blow it on sugar.

  • Bananas
  • Ezekiel Bread and tortillas
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Organic, natural peanut butter (literally, it’s JUST peanuts)
  • Almond milk
  • Organic apples
  • Organic turkey lunch meat (no preservatives! No chemicals!)
  • Cheese
  • Organic eggs
  • Lemon juice (we like to put it in smoothies sometimes)
  • Coffee creamer
Now, the coffee creamer is really the only thing that I bought that isn’t great. But we can’t give it up. Milk and sweetener isn’t the same. But other than that, our kitchen is healthfully stocked!
Here’s my dog thinking I’m in the floor to cuddle her. I was trying to stretch before my run. 
And here’s me goofing off. XD

Bucket List

I’ve been talking with a coworker (one I didn’t rant about 😉 ) and she’s planning on backpacking across Europe after graduation next spring. I want to do something like that so badly! I’ve got a bucket list, and here she is: 

1)Move to Florida 

2)Work at Disney
3)Go to Spain
4)And other places in Europe
5)Spend New Years in Times Square
7)Write a book
8)Run a 5k ✔
9)Run a 10k
10)Run a half marathon
11)Run a full marathon
12)Run every Disney run event at least once 
15) goto the oscars
16) go to vidcon
17) quidditch World Cup
18) go to comicon with piper
None of this is in any particular order, just in the order I thought it up. Just thought I’d share it, and I will DEFINITELY be updating it and crossing things off in good time. 
A lot of people talk about having bucket lists, and so have I. I finally decided a few months ago that I needed to write it down. Because how can you keep yourself accountable (and remember things!) if you don’t have your goals written down?? So that’s what I did, and I’m very excited to cross things off one by one, as well as add to it!


Day 1 of the ShayLoss 5 Week Chubby Challenge: Weigh-In

When I FIRST got back from school on May 8, I didn’t want to weigh myself. I knew it would only upset me. Now I wish I had, because I wish I knew how much I’ve lost. I didn’t weigh myself until after our Disney trip (see the picture at the top of my blog) but I can definitely see big changes. 
When I weighed after that trip, I weighed in at 230I am pretty certain at the beginning of May I weighed at least 240. But my official, documented weight was 230. 
Since then, I’ve lost 8.8 pounds. Today, as my official ShayLoss weigh-in, I’m at 221.2. 
Almost 9 pounds!! I’m so very excited. I can tell in my thighs, and in my middle. My mom can see it in my face. 
My GOAL weight is 160. I don’t feel like it’s too much to ask, but if I feel comfortable with 170, then I may stop. But I’m really aiming for that 160. I knowit  will take time, but I’m prepared, and I’m. MOTIVATED. 
Here are my before pictures starting today:
I pulled my shirt up just because *I* want to see those imperfections not hidden by a tshirt. That almost makes it not as gross. I don’t want to look gross.  I want my after pictures to look better than this. 

Also, here are my measurements for week 1. I wish I’d measured at the beginning, but here they are as of today. 

Look at piper go!!

I PROMISE I won’t just be posting workout stuff. But it’s on my mind now! I’m also going to make a few YouTube updates here and there. But I’ll definitely update this more!
Check out my video on YouTube!

New app!

Downloaded this handy dandy app yesterday. I was trying to find something to keep track of my weight, and just to become more aware of the calories I’m consuming. I’m not wanting to be super hard-core about it, but I thought having a rough estimate of what I SHOULD be eating and havin a way to keep up with it would be very helpful. 
Something I’m NOT doing, though, is counting the calories for fruits and vegetables that I eat (not like I ever eat vegetables, but you know). Because, not only do they not really have all that many calories, but it’s freaking FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. anything in them is going to be good for you, especially when it’s the organic stuff. But there’s that. 
Psyching myself up for Monday–THE START OF THE SHAYLOSS FIVE WEEK CHUBBY CHALLENGE, YO. so get ready for that. 

Added Motivation–ShayLoss 5 Week Chubby Challenge

No matter how “healthy” the cookies you made are, it’s no excuse to eat a whole batch of them.

Even if your best friend is eating just as many as you are.

Because, doesn’t matter what she says about gaining weight, your best friend is still 1/4 your size and can eat whatever the hell she wants.

With that said, I’m going to wake up early tomorrow to hit the gym. I’m sleeping in my running clothes, so all I’ll have to do is hop out of bed and brush my teeth before heading out the door. I’m not a morning person, because from 10:00 PM until about 4:00 AM is prime Netflix time. BUT, I work from 12-6 tomorrow, and am feeling crappy enough to want to get some GOOD feelings going.

As if it were meant to be, ShayCarl on YouTube posted this video on his ShayLoss channel:

Just the extra motivation I need to push myself to do better. I need to follow more people on YouTube that do some health videos so they stay in my Sub Box and remind me of what my goals are. If you know of any, let me know!!
So I’m very pumped for Monday, to say the least. I’ll post beginning photos and such then. I didn’t want to take official before and afters or weight when I FIRST got back from school in May, because I knew it would only upset me to know just how much I gained at college. So now that I’ve been at it a while and am feeling better, I’m not afraid to begin official documentation. So Monday we’ll start that with the ShayTard community. 

Color Run, Run Disney, Run3rd

I’ve never been a super active person. When I was younger I would always be out on the trampoline, swimming, or swinging on my swingset (#90sLyfe) but when we moved to the “city”, there wasn’t much for me to do. Because I had never been to any kind of school, I didn’t have to do athletics or PE or anything like that. In ninth grade when I started going to a private school, I was enrolled in athletics where we did volleyball, basketball, and cross country. Lets just say I wasn’t (and still am not) the best athlete. So after that year, I quit being active again. For years I never really did much…and that’s pretty obvious to look at me. 

But last summer, I started to feel the need to start running. I looked at Pinterest for some encouragement and saw something about the Disney Princess Half Marathon. As I looked more and more into it, I kid you not I started to cry and went to the gym that very day, determined to do it. 
Never being able to run farther than a mile in my LIFE (an really, not even that) it was a challenge. But I was inspired. I had about nine months to train, but I really wanted it. But school started and I stopped running altogether for the first semester, where I put on the Freshman Fifteen (+). 
During Christmas break, the whole family was over at our house and my cousin and her husband were talking about wanting to start the Couch to 5k program. We all thought it was a great idea, downloaded the apps and set out that very afternoon together. I was the only one who kept it up even into the next semester. In March, some friends and I did The Color Run together, which was a good judge for how a run like that was. Though it isn’t technically a “race”, it’s categorized in the same place in my mind as a race. 

I wasn’t able to run all 3 miles, but I had fun, which is more important to me. Once I got home from school I wanted to do another “race” or something to stay motivated. Just around that time, the registration opened for the Disney Tower of Terror 10 mile weekend. I knew I wanted to run every Disney running event (save for the full marathon, cause that’s a shit-ton of running that my ADHD can’t handle) so I went ahead and registered. If I paid $200 for a run, hell yes I’ll follow through. 

The race is 16 weeks away, and I’m able to run about 2.5 miles. Not near the 10 I need to run, but I feel great and would rather be slow and not risk hurting myself and not be able to run at ALL. 
But I love this easy runner lifestyle. I can’t wait till I can say I ran in all of these events. I always have admired people who run and who are good at it.  I’m not a team player, so running is perfect for me. 
Another thing that inspires me to run is Sean Astin’s Run3rd campaign. If you haven’t heard of it, please go check out his blog. I love his tweets when he’s doing marathons and why he does it. has all the info and he’s just super inspiring. 
Yesterday in a Q&A about the SF Marathon he ran today, these two tweets really helped me. I’m putting them up with my training guide to remind me to keep at it and not give up!

The Secret History

On Monday I finally finished reading The Secret History, after starting it the 6th. Not too bad time-wise, but I’ve read more quickly (this week). I started it before we left for our weekend trip, and finished the day after we got back.  All in all, it was a really interesting story, plot, style, characters, everything.

It’s always weird when an author begins the book by telling you something that happens near the end of the book. Then you have to sit and wonder what they’re talking about until you’ve gotten to the end. THEN you have to re-read the beginning and it finally makes so much sense. That was the case with The Secret History.  The book is written through the perspective of it’s main character, but I wish it was third-person so I could know what the others are thinking.  But I think that the first-person is very fitting for the story, because Richard will NEVER understand what the other students are thinking, so therefor the reader doesn’t either.

I don’t know whether or not I have a favorite narrator perspective. I know I don’t like books that switch…I’ve read some that do, and it confuses me. But some stories are just better being told by a narrator, by a main character, or with seemingly no narrator at all. Almost every story I’ve personally written is in the third-person, but someday maybe I will branch out from that.

So much foreshadowing…I always look for that in books, because it’s almost like a spoiler without the spoiler. Julian, the Greek professor, says to his students, “We don’t like to admit it, but the idea of losing control is one that fascinates controlled people such as ourselves more than almost anything…” At one point or another, each student loses control (many of them have already begun their spiral before the book even begins), and the climax of their loss of control isn’t even in the murder of their classmate. They lose control when they kill the farmer, each time they smoke, drink, or do their various drugs. They lose control when they cover up their lies.

Another bit of foreshadowing is when the six students are toasting and say, “Live forever” “And always, always, that same toast. Live forever.” Bunny definitely doesn’t live forever.  Henry doesn’t live forever. None of them do, but for those two, “forever” isn’t quite as long.

The writing style of this book is PHENOMENAL. There are references to dates such as the 60’s and 70’s, and there is semi-modern technology, but the time period of the story is unspecific, and unimportant.  The six students are so withdrawn from the rest of the university with Julian, they’re already in their own world and time.  Their style of dress is very victorian and scholarly, but the story has to take place around the 80s, I would think.  But like I said, the date isn’t important to what happens. I love books like that.  It isn’t “fantasy” or “other-worldly,” but it’s definitely timeless.

What intrigues me the very most about this book is the characters.  They’re secretive, incestuous, alcoholic murderers, yet they seem so calm when discussing it. Of course, the murder was Henry’s idea and he was the only one who pushed Bunny, but they others saw no problem with it until after, when the pressure got to be too much. Henry was fighting to be the leader, and getting rid of Bunny was the only way to keep their secrets safe. He had some power over his friends, but no one seemed to mind. They spoke of murder so flippantly…like they were discussing their Greek homework. I am so fascinated with the minds of killers, especially when they show no remorse or find anything really wrong with what they did.  And their Greek rituals they had learned and studied seemed to make it even more okay for them to commit their murder(s).

I like books that tell you what happens to each character after their story is over.  A little epilogue that sums up their remainder of their lives so the reader isn’t left wondering. I gave the book 4/5 stars on Goodreads, simply because there were a few places in the book I wish had not jumped around so much. It would go from one place to another, and never finish the first conversation or scene as well as I wanted it to. It didn’t really leave me hanging or with unanswered questions, but I wish there had been more closure, I guess. But I think it’s part of the style I liked so much.