Social Media and Me

I understand social media. I “get it”. I know how it works, what kind of content is best for each network (except tumblr. Tumblr is an enigma to me.) and the kind of audience a page has. I think that’s mostly why I wanted to begin blogging again. I’m already a compulsive updater on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. Since a young age I’ve always been drawn to any kind of social media and getting information out to people. 

When I was twelve, I wrote a newsletter by myself. I formatted it, wrote all the articles, and sent it out to friends and family. Because it cost a lot to print it all, I stopped. I thought about doing a web page for it, but never did. This is my way of kind of rebooting that initial idea. I would still love someday to have a successful blog or page with content not only written by me, but also user-submitted content. But that is a long way off…
In high school I was involved with the school newsletter as well as yearbook. While yearbook isn’t really anything to do with social media, it still fits in a communication writing theme. Being a part of that was really enjoyable, and I loved being able to share with people through that medium. Hearing from parents and teachers and even students that they enjoyed the articles we wrote was really encouraging for me. It felt good to know that what we were writing was being read and even appreciated. 
Last year, I wanted so badly to be a part of the Brand, the HSU newspaper. But in going to the first meeting, I knew it wasn’t going to be what I wanted it to be. I still wish I had gone on and done it, just for the experience. But that’s why I was so set on blogging again–to make up for not doing the newspaper. At least this way it’s my own thoughts. I can write news stories, but about what? Getting my nails done? I’ll think of something. 
Anyway. Social media. I think it’s very powerful, and should be dealt with with the highet respect. Of course, no one does. I will admit that I don’t respect it much. But I don’t think we should abuse it the way some people do. If you can learn to use it and use it WELL, you will be much more successful in the things you do post and publish for others to read, even if it is just Facebook. 
From watching my mother manage their business page on Facebook, I’ve learned a lot. I watch the advertising that companies do on their twitter. It isn’t even official advertising as much as it is keeping the product or television show or business in the minds of their public. I think I could easily do that, and at this point in my life I think I would like to be in charge of someone’s business networks. We’ll see what happens, but I’m putting it out there that it’s a very strong interest of mine. 
Something I love most about technology these days is also the thing I hate the most about it: you don’t have to be anywhere near the person you’re talking to. This is a fabulous way to communicate quickly when you have friends in another city, state, or even in another country, but it also is beginning to limit people’s face-to-face interaction. Because of school, I now have many people I consider great friends that I may only see once or twice a year–if that– because I’m transferring. Some of those people live in other countries, and being on Facebook and being able to message them in real-time is amazing. When my friend From high school, Stephen, went back to Africa for years and only was able to visit during the summer, being able to keep in contact through Facebook and email and Skype made the distance not seem that bad. I’ve had friends online that I’ve never met, and never will. As sketchy as that sounds, it’s very common and, if handled right, is perfectly safe. So being online can make long-distance friendships much easier than before. 
On the other side of that, we use Facebook as an excuse to not see people. If we only text someone we COULD see more often, but never meet up face-to-face, what kind of friendship is that? If no one makes an effort to hang out because we can talk online and we keep up through social networks, that can’t be a very strong relationship. Of course people are busy, but not making any effort is a waste of time and energy on everyone involved. And that’s part of what I mean by “Respect social media”. Don’t take for-realzies people skills for granted! RESPECT THE POUCH. RESPECT IT. 

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