That’s how girls end up DEAD

(I’m really trying not to burn myself out on writing things, but this was too important not to post)

Over the weekend, my parents discovered that my twelve year old sister, Piper, has a Twitter account. When they brought it up, she began to get REALLY defensive and moody about it, which was an immediate red flag for ALL of us.  I got on hers and looked through what she had been tweeting. It was nothing harmless, just a few things to Nintendo and Animal Crossing accounts, but still sketchy considering her age. The whole thing didn’t set well with me, so I could only GUESS how my parents felt, but they didn’t say much at the time.

Today, though, they brought it up again.  I didn’t eavesdrop, but I went downstairs later while Piper was in her room and they asked me what I thought.  When I was twelve, I was afraid of the internet.  I would hardly ever use Google, and NEVER got on YouTube (little did I know how much I would be on both in years to come), because I didn’t feel comfortable on them. I was scared of Facebook, and didn’t have one until the spring of my Freshman year of high school.  I think I got my Twitter around the same time, but I hardly used it because none of my friends had one.  It was on private even through my junior and senior year because I still don’t like randoms following me.   Even know, though it’s public, I typically “block” many of the random people who want to follow me.

After talking with my parents, I went up to see if she was still awake, and she was. So, as a sister, I had a long talk with her about being online and how none of us felt right about her having a Twitter, ESPECIALLY when she was so sneaky and defensive about it. I assured her that, as long as she wasn’t rebellious and got one behind Mom and Dad’s back, she wouldn’t be banned from it for forever. Just until she’s old enough to have the right mental and moral filters that have yet to develop in her little brain. Of course she was at a public school last year and heard and saw all KINDS of stuff, but it doesn’t mean she should be  susceptible to it online as well.

After telling her ALL about creepos online and how she shouldn’t be talking to them, I left her room because I had a message from my friend I met online. How much of an example am I? But then again, I know how to be safe. I’ve watched enough SVU and other crime shows to know that’s how girls end up DEAD.

Don’t end up dead!


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