The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

I got TBWLOOW in the mail yesterday and was really excited to read it, because it sounded really good. Out of the books I’d received so far, I was looking forward to it the most.  I am a Spanish minor and love the language and culture, so I was very disappointed when I began this book. I made it to page 30 and even that was a challenge. Coming from finishing a GREAT book, this was a letdown. I don’t like the use of the N-word, and the first use (I can only assume there is more) of the F-word (Not the four letter one, the other one), and the dialogue isn’t set off by quotation marks which bugs me. It all ran together and I didn’t feel like the narrator (Is it the author? I’m not sure) is a great person. I just didn’t like the overall style or content that I made it to, and I’m really sad about that. Maybe in a few years I’ll give it another go, but it’s not worth it when I have a stack of other books vying for my attention.

Looking at other reviews on, it seems to me like you either LOVE it or HATE it, and there isn’t much of an in-between. I just happened to be one who hated it. But like I said, maybe some day I’ll try again and be more appreciative of it.


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