What inspires me? WHO inspires me? That’s a big question that I just asked myself…But maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to answer it, because I feel like it’s a question that everyone should know the answer to early on in their lives. Inspirations change just as people do, but at any given moment in your life, I believe that you should know who/what yours is. And then, eventually, when you change (because that’s life), you should quickly realize your new inspirations.

For me, I love “inspirational quotes” even if they aren’t inspirational to anyone but myself. Just anything I find on Pinterest or in books or hear friends or family say, I print them off and tape them to my wall (because my decorator Dad LOVES that…) so remind myself of what they say. I think this is partly why I compulsively write down quotes from my friends, even if they’re just funny quips. It’s very important to me to remember what people said at one time or another. It helps me preserve memories to write down the funny things (usually out of context). So, first off, I think any kind of word is somewhat of an inspiration to me. With the right combination of words, you can say something really meaningful even to just one person. Not everyone feels the same, so obviously not everyone is going to respond to the “feels” a quote may give someone else.

As far “word” inspirations go, anything I’ve read is inspiring to me as a wishful writer. Once I start reading a great book, I immediately want to write something as well. Many times I’ve seen advice given to aspiring writers that tells them to read more.  I’ve always thought that reading to gain inspiration for your own writing is a bit odd. But I understand it. I tend to copy the style of what I’m reading, and therefor have a hard time developing my own style. (That’s kind of why I wanted to blog; I know my style is very impersonal and ADHD, but I’m hoping to develop a good style through practice.) But the more I write, the easier it is to find a flow and go with it. One of my bucket list items is to write (and FINISH) a book, because God knows how many times I’ve started one only to realize I have ZERO plot. So anyone who can finish and publish a book is an inspiration to me in someway–which means even piece-of-crap-writer Stephenie Meyer has to be an inspiration too, as much as I HATE admitting that.

I am inspired by people who can do *this* for a living; blogging, writing about their lives, and people actually CARE. The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond is one of those people. I’ve read her blog for YEARS, and is one of the reasons I’ve always wanted to write and stick with it. She’s so funny and writes about the most random things that if I wrote the same thing, no one would care. But she’s her and people love her.  Another example is Charles and Alli Trippy on YouTube. I’ve watched their Daily Vlogs for about three years now, and look forward to it every day. They’re such an ideal inspiration in so many ways for me. They’re a GREAT couple, and I hope someday to find a man even half as great as Charles is to Alli. They’re hilarious, fun-loving, but I’ve learned a lot from them about transforming into a young adult. I hope someday to be as happy as they are doing whatever it is I want to be doing.

Even my friends inspire me. I have genius friends. They’re all going to go off to do some AMAZING things in life, and I only hope that I’m not the one who in ten years everyone looks back on and says, “Well, Hannah never did anything with HER life, and here we are being successful in our fields.” That’s probably my biggest fear in life: being that person in my group of friends. But they’re all ALREADY doing things in their area of study, be it an internship or just a summer job. They know what they want to do and have gone for it and gotten it. I know they’ll be successful as adults, because even as teenagers (LAST YEAR OF THAT) they’re already doing better than most college-aged people.

Of course, of course, my parents inspire me. But that’s a give-in. I wouldn’t be who I am/am becoming without them.  I’ve seen them in jobs they hated but had no choice but to stay at, seen them (now) at jobs they LOVE and have worked their whole lives for, and everything in between.  Not saying I’ve had a “hard” life, because I haven’t. But seeing my life TODAY in comparison to how it was 5 or 6 years ago even, we’ve definitely had ups and downs like anyone. And my parents have gotten through it all TOGETHER.  They’re model parents, spouses, and adults for my sister and I.

If you’ve not noticed, Disney is also an inspiration. Obviously. This is how I clean house:

Cliche as it is, Disney really does teach you to follow your dreams.  The best part is, even though there IS always a happily ever after, it doesn’t just show up without work and jumping over some hurdles. That’s what I love about Disney most of all, there’s more than just the happily ever after, it’s also the journey there. That’s where all the adventures happen. 
That was really good…I just came up with that…SOMEONE COPYRIGHT THAT SHIZNIT. 

Who/what inspires you?


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