Color Run, Run Disney, Run3rd

I’ve never been a super active person. When I was younger I would always be out on the trampoline, swimming, or swinging on my swingset (#90sLyfe) but when we moved to the “city”, there wasn’t much for me to do. Because I had never been to any kind of school, I didn’t have to do athletics or PE or anything like that. In ninth grade when I started going to a private school, I was enrolled in athletics where we did volleyball, basketball, and cross country. Lets just say I wasn’t (and still am not) the best athlete. So after that year, I quit being active again. For years I never really did much…and that’s pretty obvious to look at me. 

But last summer, I started to feel the need to start running. I looked at Pinterest for some encouragement and saw something about the Disney Princess Half Marathon. As I looked more and more into it, I kid you not I started to cry and went to the gym that very day, determined to do it. 
Never being able to run farther than a mile in my LIFE (an really, not even that) it was a challenge. But I was inspired. I had about nine months to train, but I really wanted it. But school started and I stopped running altogether for the first semester, where I put on the Freshman Fifteen (+). 
During Christmas break, the whole family was over at our house and my cousin and her husband were talking about wanting to start the Couch to 5k program. We all thought it was a great idea, downloaded the apps and set out that very afternoon together. I was the only one who kept it up even into the next semester. In March, some friends and I did The Color Run together, which was a good judge for how a run like that was. Though it isn’t technically a “race”, it’s categorized in the same place in my mind as a race. 

I wasn’t able to run all 3 miles, but I had fun, which is more important to me. Once I got home from school I wanted to do another “race” or something to stay motivated. Just around that time, the registration opened for the Disney Tower of Terror 10 mile weekend. I knew I wanted to run every Disney running event (save for the full marathon, cause that’s a shit-ton of running that my ADHD can’t handle) so I went ahead and registered. If I paid $200 for a run, hell yes I’ll follow through. 

The race is 16 weeks away, and I’m able to run about 2.5 miles. Not near the 10 I need to run, but I feel great and would rather be slow and not risk hurting myself and not be able to run at ALL. 
But I love this easy runner lifestyle. I can’t wait till I can say I ran in all of these events. I always have admired people who run and who are good at it.  I’m not a team player, so running is perfect for me. 
Another thing that inspires me to run is Sean Astin’s Run3rd campaign. If you haven’t heard of it, please go check out his blog. I love his tweets when he’s doing marathons and why he does it. has all the info and he’s just super inspiring. 
Yesterday in a Q&A about the SF Marathon he ran today, these two tweets really helped me. I’m putting them up with my training guide to remind me to keep at it and not give up!


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