Bucket List

I’ve been talking with a coworker (one I didn’t rant about 😉 ) and she’s planning on backpacking across Europe after graduation next spring. I want to do something like that so badly! I’ve got a bucket list, and here she is: 

1)Move to Florida 

2)Work at Disney
3)Go to Spain
4)And other places in Europe
5)Spend New Years in Times Square
7)Write a book
8)Run a 5k ✔
9)Run a 10k
10)Run a half marathon
11)Run a full marathon
12)Run every Disney run event at least once 
15) goto the oscars
16) go to vidcon
17) quidditch World Cup
18) go to comicon with piper
None of this is in any particular order, just in the order I thought it up. Just thought I’d share it, and I will DEFINITELY be updating it and crossing things off in good time. 
A lot of people talk about having bucket lists, and so have I. I finally decided a few months ago that I needed to write it down. Because how can you keep yourself accountable (and remember things!) if you don’t have your goals written down?? So that’s what I did, and I’m very excited to cross things off one by one, as well as add to it!

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