New app!

Downloaded this handy dandy app yesterday. I was trying to find something to keep track of my weight, and just to become more aware of the calories I’m consuming. I’m not wanting to be super hard-core about it, but I thought having a rough estimate of what I SHOULD be eating and havin a way to keep up with it would be very helpful. 
Something I’m NOT doing, though, is counting the calories for fruits and vegetables that I eat (not like I ever eat vegetables, but you know). Because, not only do they not really have all that many calories, but it’s freaking FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. anything in them is going to be good for you, especially when it’s the organic stuff. But there’s that. 
Psyching myself up for Monday–THE START OF THE SHAYLOSS FIVE WEEK CHUBBY CHALLENGE, YO. so get ready for that. 

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