Day 1 of the ShayLoss 5 Week Chubby Challenge: Weigh-In

When I FIRST got back from school on May 8, I didn’t want to weigh myself. I knew it would only upset me. Now I wish I had, because I wish I knew how much I’ve lost. I didn’t weigh myself until after our Disney trip (see the picture at the top of my blog) but I can definitely see big changes. 
When I weighed after that trip, I weighed in at 230I am pretty certain at the beginning of May I weighed at least 240. But my official, documented weight was 230. 
Since then, I’ve lost 8.8 pounds. Today, as my official ShayLoss weigh-in, I’m at 221.2. 
Almost 9 pounds!! I’m so very excited. I can tell in my thighs, and in my middle. My mom can see it in my face. 
My GOAL weight is 160. I don’t feel like it’s too much to ask, but if I feel comfortable with 170, then I may stop. But I’m really aiming for that 160. I knowit  will take time, but I’m prepared, and I’m. MOTIVATED. 
Here are my before pictures starting today:
I pulled my shirt up just because *I* want to see those imperfections not hidden by a tshirt. That almost makes it not as gross. I don’t want to look gross.  I want my after pictures to look better than this. 

Also, here are my measurements for week 1. I wish I’d measured at the beginning, but here they are as of today. 

Look at piper go!!

I PROMISE I won’t just be posting workout stuff. But it’s on my mind now! I’m also going to make a few YouTube updates here and there. But I’ll definitely update this more!
Check out my video on YouTube!


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