ShayLoss Five Week Challenge Day 4

Oh man. A lot to update today. Lots of ShayLoss to talk about, as well as a lot of emotional things about how different I’m feeling these days. I’m already an emotional person, but there are new things special to today.

First I’ll talk about my activity.

ShayLoss day 4 is a home workout day. I did 10 gravity defying pushups, 15 modified pushups (regular ones), and then some various arm workouts with my mom’s 8 pound weights. I did three sets of 10 reps for each workout. One of the sets I did while on hold with financial aid for ten whole minutes. Later I went to the gym and ran 3.5 miles, and did a warmup and cool down which added up to 1.25 miles total. EVEN AFTER THAT I went on a three mile walk with Jaelen. I was afraid I would wake up really sore, but I’m ok so far. 

Mom took us to a fabulous juice bar today. Definitely inspired me to do some juicing as well as everything else. I’ve got SUCH a problem with vegetables, I think juicing will be good to still get some vegetables, but mask it with fruit. 
I don’t think I really showed this is earlier posts, but I did in my video. This my my “motivation” wall in my bathroom. These are my goals for weight loss so I can always see them. I also have my savings amounts for when I move to Orlando, and my Tower of Terror running plan to keep me on track. 
All three of my goals aren’t there to achieve ALL of them, but they’re more to see which one happens first. As far as the weight goal, I don’t know if I would look healthy being 160. I think the last time I was 160 I was in junior high. So I may just need to be happy with sub-200 and being a medium/10-12 size. And as far as the middle, emotional goal, that’s the most important to me. My friends are all petite, scrawny, thin people. I always feel like I stick out like a sore, swollen, fat thumb. When I don’t feel like that anymore is when I’ll be happy with my weight. 

I encouraged my sister to also write down her goals. She told me one of them was to wear a medium so that she can wear her camp shirt when she goes next month. I told her to try it on just to see how far she had to go. 
It fit. She hasn’t been able to wear it at all, because it didn’t even fit when she first got it last summer. I’m so incredibly proud of my little sister. She’s been a trooper with all of this, and we both agree that we feel better and don’t crave bad food anymore. 
This is there the “how I’m feeling” comes in. I was so lethargic and exhausted for no reason,  and depressed before I started all of this. My mom told me yesterday “you’re back. I know you’re back because I’m exhausted after being around you. I missed that. You weren’t you when you came home.” And it’s so true. I hated myself, because even though I was working out, it wasn’t enough because it was IMPOSSIBLE to eat well at school. The choices just weren’t available. I took three, four,five hour naps every day because I was exhausted and malnourished. I’ve taken MAYBE two naps in the last month, and they were much shorter than in the past. I’m feeling happy and energized–something I don’t know if I’ve EVER felt. 
I don’t crave sugar. I don’t crave carbs. This is SUCH a big deal for me. I’ve been addicted to food my whole life, and I’ve finally broken that. It’s because we aren’t eating processed, packaged foods. That’s all there is to it. 

This is a five week difference. Can you imagine in five more weeks??


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