First Amendment

I’ve thought many times about exactly how public I would like my blog to be. On one hand, yes, I would like to actually have a small audience of readers who talk to me about what I’ve written and would like to stay a part of my life through my writing. On the other hand, I don’t know if I really want everyone on my Facebook to know about all of my thoughts. I have a very different way of thinking than most of the people in my life. My post on religion, for instance, was one I debated over even posting, for fear of my evangelical aunt and uncle or friends in ministry finding it and hating me.

But then I realized, it’s MY BLOG. I’m not writing any of this to either please or displease anyone. I’m writing it for ME and to keep MYSELF sane. If someone gets upset and concerned about my salvation and stuff, they can take it up with me and exorcize me if need be. But I’m exercising (not to be confused with the use of the word exorcizing in the previous sentence) my right to the First Amendment. Not only is that the freedom of speech, but of religion as well. So it’s a twofer (WOAH. I didn’t know that was a real word until my MacBook corrected it. Sweet. The more you know.) for my words and more specifically my words in said religion post.

Although I don’t know if I will ever post on Facebook, “Hey! Everyone go read my blog!” I will post a few entries if I feel like sharing, and it will be up to my friends if they wish to browse. I do Pin quite a few of my posts, because I would rather have strangers read my thoughts sometimes than my close family and friends. My mother doesn’t count. My mom is probably my biggest fan. She and I have very similar views, I think. She’s pretty much the coolest and can read whatever she wants to.

Hi, mom. 🙂

So whatever should happen with this, it’s my choice. If I want to post about picking my nose, I will. (Don’t be surprised if I do). If I want to post about my views on marriage equality (Which I actually have on a previous attempt at blogging, and probably will do so again when I take the time to formulate my thoughts again), or abortion (That is a possibility. I’ve thought about writing something, but not sure yet. Don’t ask for it, because I don’t know if I could make enough sense to write on it), or WHATEVER the hell I want, I will do so. Of course I will try and do it as very calmly as possible in case someone easily offended reads it, maybe the blow will be softened if I post lots of smiley faces. But I’m not going to censor myself or stifle my ideas. When you do that, you can’t grow as a person. I want to truly discover myself and how I think about things, and I believe writing is the way to do that.

So, if you’re reading this, leave a comment! Or don’t. I don’t really care. But if you want. You can also subscribe by e-mail to be notified whenever I post something, if you want to be shocked by my “edgy” ideas. 😉


Kidd Kraddick’s Passing

I used to wake up at 5:45 every morning for school JUST so I could listen to Kidd Kraddick. Even on days I didn’t have to wake up early, I didn’t want to miss any part of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. Before I knew about Mix100, my morning show way back when was Air1’s Mike and Jeanie. Then they quit doing that, and I listened to Lew Dee and Diana on Stars 97.3 but nothing was quite as good as Kidd. 

For five years I was a dedicated listener. Every other station that would fundraise, I would stop listening to for that time (*cough* air1) but not when Kidd’s Kids came around. I actually looked forward to hearing about their trip and how they told each family they got to go. The level of PERSONAL caring that went on that morning show was unbelievable. Kidd and Kellie fought every day, but you KNOW they loved each other. Kellie said this morning, “I know what it feels like to be divorced, and now I know what it feels like to be widowed. After nineteen years…” And I bawled. Everyone else saw him as a father. He cared about everyone, and I didn’t Even know that part of him. Outside of Kidd’s Kids and the other little things he would do, until this weekend I never knew ALL of the selfless things he did for others. 
Kidd Kraddick made an impact on my life just like everyone else who came in contact with him, even if it was just over the radio. The show made me laugh till I cried, and reminded me that there ARE good people in the world. I always wanted to go to Dallas and watch them live and meet the cast. But I was never able to. Of course I could still meet J-Si, Kellie, Big Al, or Jenna, but I will never get to meet Kidd Kraddick. 
When I heard the news Saturday night, I sat on my bed in shock. As I started thinking about the memories I have of listening to the show, I began to cry. This is the first celebrity death since Steve Irwin in 2006 to make me this upset. Some people were more upset about Michael Jackson or Patrick Swayze or Cory Monteith, but this was mine. Any death is sad, but this was personal to me. I thought of Little Johnny, Kinsey, and Must-Be-Nice-Guy, and how I would never hear those characters again. 
This last year at school I didn’t get to listen to KKITM because I never woke up in time. For two semesters I missed tuning in every morning. Being back home, driving to work when I opened or just happened to be up, listening to Kidd was comforting. I was so excited to have morning classes in the fall so I could listen on my way to campus. I hope they keep the show going, but it won’t be the same. Kidd’s energy can’t be replaced. 
This morning I listened to the show as everyone talked about their memories and last moments. I cried as I was getting ready for work, and even at work while I had it on my phone. I will probably go home later this afternoon and listen to what they have online that I missed this morning. 
Kidd Kraddick touched so many lives. I can’t believe he’s gone. But as Shannon said on the air, he’s in heaven with the Kidd’s Kids that have passed, somewhere where there’s no more pain, and he’s looking after them. Whether or not you believe in heaven, he’s somewhere, and No Sleep Kidd is finally resting.

Harry Potter Would You Rather

While surfing Pinterest, as one does, I came across this set of Harry Potter Would You Rather questions. Being the fan that I am, I wanted to answer them!

My Harry Potter trunk. Complete with my high school diploma from Hogwarts, chocolate frog cards, and acceptance letter!
 I made my sister a huge gift for her 11th birthday. I bought the few books she was still needing in the series, wrapped them in brown paper and tied them with twine, then made tea-stained paper for her acceptance letter, with a seal and everything!

  1. Have Ron as a friend, or Hermione? Hermione. Because I feel like she and I could have very interesting conversations about books. 
  2. Fight the Basilisk or a Dementor? Dementor. I hate snakes. No thank you, sir. 
  3. Spend a weekend with Dudley or Kreacher? Dudley. I could just run around and he wouldn’t be able to keep up. 
  4. Be a Quiddich Keeper or Beater? Beater. 
  5. Be sorted into Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? Ravenclaw, hands down. I think Pottermore sorted me wrong. It put me in Slytherin, but I would TOTES be Ravenclaw.
  6. Have an Invisibility Cloak or Time-Turner? Time-turner. I’d love to be able to redo things or get through things more quickly. I’d probably also use it like Hermione and take more classes.
  7. Receive a Howler in front of your friends or eat a vomit flavored Every Flavor Bean? I’ve eaten the bean, so I’ll take that. 
  8. Attend the Yule Ball or Quidditch World Cup? World Cup! It’s on my bucket list! I’m not a fan of dancing and balls require dates. 
  9. Spend an afternoon at The Burrow or in Diagon Alley? Diagon Alley! Can’ get enough of the shops at Universal. 

  10. Have Snape as your father or Umbridge as your mother? Snape! Because he really IS a good guy in the end. Delores Umbridge was my school administrator. No thanks. 
  11. Have a pet Hippogriff or Phoenix? Hippogriff. How cool would it be to take that to school instead of my car?!
  12. Take a class in Potions or Caring of Magical Creatures? Potions! I have my own set of “potions” in my room!

  13. Have a flying broomstick or enchanted flying car? Broomstick!
  14. Be a werewolf like Lupin or ghost like Nearly Headless Nick? Ghost. Then I could creep on Sam and Dean Winchester. 😉
  15. Spend a week lost in the Forbidden Forest, or a day in Azkaban? I DID MY WAITING. TWELVE YEARS OF IT. I’d say the forest. There’s centaurs! Sagittarius, whatup?
  16. Play Quidditch or Wizard’s Chess? I don’t know how to play chess, nor do I want to learn. Quidditch.
  17. Be a teacher at Hogwarts or an Auror? Teacher! I’d like to teach charms.
  18. Have Hagrid as a friend or Dobby? Hagrid. Dobby bothered me. Everyone loved him, but I didn’t. 
  19. Change the story so Dumbledore didn’t get killed, or Sirius? Sirius, because Big D didn’t really do much, and Sirius was Harry’s only family left.
  20. Spend an hour talking with JK Rowling or Daniel Radcliffe? JK Rowling!

GURL LOOKIT THAT BODY Legs+Arms yesterday

I want to try and post the workouts I do on here. Because someday when I’ve lost all this weight and people ask, “Woah, what did you do?” I can direct them here and they can see what I did.

So with that said, welcome to this segment called, “GURL LOOKIT THAT BODY” (not to be confused with my Pinterest board of the same name. That’s another good thing to check out, though. Workouts, motivation, and recipes!)

Today I woke up early and had a CRAZY stressed-out morning (I’ll spare the details in this post) and had some time to kill. I didn’t want to go to the gym and run and get insanely sweaty because I have to work this afternoon, but I DID want to be active. So I used my full-length mirror to write out four sets of four workouts and my reps of each. I decided to focus a lot on leg workouts, since I’m hoping strengthening my legs on non-running days will help me go farther when I do run.

I did four sets of this:

  • 30 mountain climbers (15 each side)
  • 30 Jumping jacks
  • 20 squats
  • 30 second wall sit
Last night I did my usual arm workout. 
3 sets of:
  • 12 bicep curls*
  • 12 lateral raises
  • 12 shoulder presses
  • 12 skullcrushers
  • 12 bent over rows
*In researching the actual names of these exercises, I think I’m doing these wrong. Most sites say you start out with your palms facing your body, and as you bring the weights up, you rotate so you’re palms are facing out. When I do these, I do a set each way. So I have my palms facing each other/my body the whole 12, then I have them facing away from me/up for 12. I’ve demonstrated how I do it in my vlog for today. 

This our blog party, we can say what we want—Religion

I’ve had this written for a month and I still don’t know if I really want to post it or not  I don’t want to because for anyone who reads it, they’ll probably get very upset at me and I would like to keep some friends in my life. I WANT to post it because it’s how I feel. And this is my blog and I can say what I want. But I know it’s a touchy subject,  and I REALLY don’t meant to offend anyone who should read this, even if it comes across badly. So disclaimer. 
How do you respond to people asking you about God when you don’t necessarily consider yourself religious? What do you say to the question “has God shown you direction? What does He say about it?” What is the correct way to avoid it to not hurt the person asking, but keeps you out of an awkward situation? Is it okay to tell someone “I’ll be thinking about you” when they’re going through something instead of “I’ll pray for you”? At least telling someone they’ll be in your thoughts is truthful. 
Which is better? Flattering someone’s religious ego, or truthfully speaking to their heart? For some people, that’s the same thing. I feel like some people want to HEAR religious words; like it Will make the idea stronger. But if prayer isn’t sincere, and keeping them in your mind IS, should it matter if its spiritual or not?
If someone offers to pray for me, I’m not going to refuse it, because that’s their way of showing they care. But I have a problem when they expect the EXACT same from me. We all have different kinds of encouragement. 
I think it’s hard for people to understand when I’ve grown up in church, Bible studies, Christian schools, etc. but I think those things are part of the reason I feel the way I do about religion. 
Not to say that church is bad or Christian schools are bad. But some of the people I have met in these places aren’t, what I would consider, “great people.” I can’t stand when people act one way, but spend their summers on mission trips, just to return to their normal lives where they don’t hold up the morals one would think. I know too many of these people, and want to know what people who have NEVER been to church would think of this. 
I also know plenty of people who DO hold their same morals and standards through EVERY aspect of their lives. These people DO exist, but it doesn’t make up for the other kind of Christians that I see on my Facebook. 
Even if I were religious, I’m not evangelical. I am not one who wants to go on mission trips and preach on the corner or lead people through ways like that. If I were to “convert” anyone, I would want it to be because they saw how I acted and it was a good influence on them. I don’t want to SCARE people into believing in joining the first baptist church because they’ll go to Hell if they don’t. So much of what “church mission trips” seem to be is the warm fuzzies of “we saved 200,000 people today” when, unless you plant churches to CONTINUE those people’s growth, nothing for them will really change. So for the people who go and constantly leave people there to aid them, I think that’s great. If you have a passion and calling for it, go for that. But I hate when it’s expected of “Christians” to HAVE to evangelize when not everyone is called to do that. You can do just as much being a light, silently, if that’s more your style. 
Another reason “religion” has been difficult for me to accept is the arguments that take place surrounding the Bible. NO ONE will ever interpret things the same way, but every person thinks they’re the only correct view. I don’t like to argue, and I don’t like seeing arguments. So to be in an environment where your ideas and beliefs could be shot down–NO THANKS. 
It isn’t that I don’t believe in God. I don’t believe in the Big Bang. But I also don’t think I believe the world is only a few thousand years old. After some brief Wikipedia research, I’m almost leaning towards the “Ietsism” belief of “it FEELS like there’s something more…” But without having to call it this God or that. It sounds like a cop-out, but it’s not. In looking online, theism sounded a bit like what I’m feeling, except most theists reject any religious text…and I don’t know if I do. But on the other hand, I would accept other religious texts that normal Christians wouldn’t. I think there IS something like a God, or whatever people want to accept. But I don’t think there is an Alla and a God and a whatever other religions have. I think there is probably ONE and Islam and Christianity just have interpreted the same idea differently. THAT’S going to make people upset that I just said a Christian worships the same god as a Muslim or Hindu or tipi-living, buffalo hunting Native American. Even religions that are polytheistic, I think have the same “god” as anyone else. If “God” is karma or the cosmos or whatever some may believe, if there IS anything, I think it’s all the same. 
I love the line from Macklemore’s “Same Love” that say “whatever God you believe in, we come from the same one.” That’s exactly how I feel about it. That if there is a single entity, it’s the only one. Whether you’re Christian or Hindu or whatever, the same “God” or entity or what have you created everyone. Religion is just each interpretation of the same thing.  
So I’m deeply sorry if I offended you, lone reader. But this is just my sole opinion. I hope you have your OWN thoughts, not just about religion, but about life. I want you to think for yourself on ALL matters. That’s what I’ve done, and that’s the reason I wrote this. 

Meeting Olan Rogers

This past weekend I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite, if NOT my favorite youtuber. I’ve been waiting for this day for five years, and it finally happened. 

I have been watching Olan Rogers since freshman or sophomore year. I’ve seen every single video from both his personal channel and BalloonShop, the channel he and two of his friends made videos on. On my 16th birthday Jaelen and I stayed up and for seven hours straight we watched BalloonShop videos until we’d seen all 80. I dressed up as one of his characters for a party at school. I’m a big fan. 
Olan is a comedian as well as a fabulous movie maker. He tells stories about his life in such a way that I’m CRYING laughing so hard at each video. His short films are not only dramatic, but they also hold his sense of humor and passion for filmmaking. 
I’ve met Charles Trippy and the rest of We The Kings, but that was at their concert where it wasn’t really a time to talk with them. I got a picture and a signature. 

Meeting Olan was a totally different ball game. The point of his Eat a Slice With Me Tour was to talk to him, meet him, and connect. 

Honestly, it was very much like meeting a Disney character. 
What I mean by that is, yes you wait in line for about a 30 second or minute long conversation, but in that time, you REALLY felt like you got to have one-on-one time. 
A way that it was DIFFERENT than, say, meeting Aladdin, was that Olan wasn’t a character. Yes I cried meeting Aladdin, and it was the single most amazing character meeting I’ve ever had. 

But knowing that Olan wasn’t TRYING to come across as a character was amazing. It was surreal. 

I was shaking and thought I might pass out. I know that sounds extremely like a Belieber or Directioner, but Olan Rogers is my Harry Styles. I squealed. The people in front of us walked away and he looked at me and said hi, and I squealed. I couldn’t help it. I also peed myself a little bit. 

I love him so much. 

This is such a fangirl blog post. 

Just call me Tyler Oakley. 

Olan asked us how long we’d been in line and we told him about 2 hours before it started and drove 5 1/2 hours to get to Dallas. The amount of gratitude and humility this man showed was incredible. He said “you guys…THANK YOU.” And hugged us again. He is such a GREAT person and it’s obvious that he really cares and is so thankful that so many people came out to support him. 
It’s been almost a week, and I still can’t believe I got to hug his body! Dreams do come true, you guys. 

Where I’ve BEEN.

I swear I really am going to keep up with this blog. 

I feel like I should talk and explain a bit more what I’m doing. I’ve done a lot of ShayLoss posts, but I haven’t had much of an explanation as to WHY I’m doing what I’m doing and WHAT exactly it is I’m doing. 
In my 19 years, I have never been “thin”. Never will be. My body type will always be “thick” or “big-boned” or “curvy” aka not petite. But genetically, gaining weight has never been a challenge. I have grown up watching my parents try every diet fad that comes out, and it affected me as well. When your parents are eating a certain way, it’s inevitable that the amount of food in the pantry will be limited to diet foods. Health was never a huge priority for me. I didn’t care either way. As a child and young teenager, I just ate what I wanted to and didn’t think much about it. 

When I was 12, we moved to Lubbock and got a gym membership and a personal trainer. It was the first time I’d ever really had activity in my life besides jumping on the trampoline and swimming. We didn’t keep up with the trainer very long, but have had the gym membership ever since. We would go every so often, but it wasn’t really being put to great use. 
I think it was my sophomore year when I weighed myself and saw I was around 180. I vowed that I would NEVER get to be 200 pounds. If I ever got to that point, I would IMMEDIATELY get my health/weight/life in check. 
Needless to say, 200 came and went with no notice. 
200 came around junior or senior year, and along with it, diet trends. My family and I tried everything to help us have a healthy lifestyle. We tried a horrendous starvation diet which would have worked to get the weight off, but never to maintain our goal sizes. We were going back and forth from it being a priority to be thin, to being to busy to keep up when it was so much easier to just give in to cravings. 
Truthfully, in looking back at photos from my childhood and high school, I don’t LOOK “fat”. Yes, I am not petite, but I don’t look grotesque. Judging by photos, junior year was a year I gained more of my weight. I definitely look bigger than my small classmates, but it’s more of a mental issue than anything else. 

All throughout high school I wore a 14/16 pretty consistently. Junior and senior years and on was when I graduated not only from school but from those sizes. But if we’re being completely honest, looking back at these pictures, I don’t LOOK disgusting. I may have felt it, but when I’m searching through Facebook to find “fat” pictures of myself, there weren’t any until last year. Yes, I may have gained weight and had to buy new clothes (ALWAYS a struggle and a discouragement) it was the fact that I FELT huge in comparison to my friends. 
My mom and best friends were those who always told me I was beautiful and not to stress out about my weight. But you can’t tell a teenaged girl that and expect her to believe it. It won’t happen. But seeing my past self in photos, I can see they were right. It wasn’t important, because I was happy. I may have not liked my body, but I still liked myself more than I did in my first year of college. 
College hit, and no matter how good or bad I was doing health-wise before, there was no way any good was going to come of a college meal plan. I am sure I gained, but I’m not sure how much. I’m going to guess that I gained 30 or 40 pounds during Freshman year.

Here was my first day. All moved in and no idea that I was about to blow up and look like an unhappy potato. 

Here’s me as a potato. A depressed potato. 
There were so many issues for me first year. I still don’t know what it was. Most likely I was just adjusted badly to the change of college, and my emotions weren’t in check. I was exhausted, lethargic, not really hungry, and constantly put myself down. Some girls do this because of a boy, but I emotionally abused myself. And it showed. 
I’ve heard people talk about punishing yourself with food, or killing yourself with food. That’s basically what I did. I wasn’t really any hungrier than usual, but the nutrition in the cafeteria was ZERO. Even the fruit was gross. So what did I have for every meal? Cheeseburgers and cookies. I was unhappy so I would have cookies and milk–comfort foods. 
Something no one knows about the spring semester is that I was afraid I was going to become suicidal. I thought about dying, WISHED I would die, but I had no courage to actually go through with it. If I didn’t kill myself, I at least wish I could self-harm. But I couldn’t. Not self-harm with cutting or something like that anyway. I DID self-harm with food, though. 
Depression is a dirty bastard. It makes you think things you would NEVER EVER in a million years think of. But when your brain isn’t firing right, things slip in there and it scares you. I was very scared all semester, even after I decided to come home for good. It was several weeks of being home where I was on my way to being better. 
So here we are. 20-30 pounds lighter, and emotionally better. I want to continue this in  second post where I talk about where I’m HEADED. So look for that this week. 🙂 I’ll also talk about exactly what I’m eating/doing and try to focus on that some. I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, but I’m all for condensing and putting it all in one post. 

Texas Tech– Red Raider Orientation

The time finally has come for Texas tech orientation. I haven’t been excited at all, though I haven’t been dreading it either. Is just something I HAVE to do, and I feel pretty “meh” about the whole thing. As far as the rest of my education goes, it can go either way. One, I can finish with a degree and get a job that either does or does not use my education. Two, I can not finish, not have a degree, and still get a job, but it happens sooner. Everything depends on the DCP and if I get in this coming spring semester. 

Something I noticed, apart from sheer size, is a major mental difference in TTU as opposed to HSU. at Tech, they cannot mention another school without putting them down. School rivalries are INSANE, and it’s ridiculous. If I was into sports at all, maybe I would care. But really, OU, or Texas, or A&M or TCU or whatever are JUST AS GOOD of schools as Tech is. I don’t understand football rivalries like that. And it isn’t worth putting down other schools. Sure, at HSU we called the other schools “Almost Christian University” or “Gay-CU” or “McDirty”, but we were also “Hardin-Sinners” and it was funny. Lubbock high schools have nicknames too, whether you go there or not. HSU never put down other universities, not even our “rival”, Howard Payne. Maybe it’s the private school vs. the state school. 
Tech also thinks very highly of itself. Maybe it’s just because I have zero school spirit, but I still don’t think it’s any better than anywhere else. Yes, it has more RESOURCES or more OPTIONS, but it’s also lacking in other ways, like friendliness and feeling like a family. HSU didn’t have all the newest and most expensive and most fancy resources TTU has, but it was definitely family-oriented and felt comfortable. No school is perfect, and each have their own strengths and weaknesses. 
At the student organization fair, most was the Greek clubs, but I did sign up for information regarding the Quidditch team, Triathlon group, and the Spanish group. I hope to find out about some more, or learn about becoming a part of The Daily Toreador, their daily newspaper. I have really missed being a part of a newsletter, and am hoping to be able to do that. I also wish that at Hardin-Simmons I had been a part of more. Although I didn’t want to pledge, I could have done Student Activities or Student Government or SOMETHING for those two semesters. I know it’s important to put on resumes, and to also find people with similar interests. 
The first time I have really gotten excited about the fall was at our college meeting for Media and Communications. I really do hope that Public Relations is where I thrive and can see myself doing forever. 

DCP and Future Goals

Last night I began social media stalking the hashtag #DisneyCollegeProgram. Of course, my heart immediately began to hurt. I am now following four of five different people all a part of the DCP, or are going to be in the fall.  the DCP website or the Disney Careers website can be found in my recent Internet browsing history. My life this summer and fall semester are seeming like a waste until I am able to be in Orlando. Now, I know it isn’t REALLY a waste. But when I feel SUCH a need to be there, nothing else in West Texas can quite compare. 

I’m finally able to register on the 21st, and I can’t say I’m insanely excited about school like I was last summer. This fall semester is a stepping stone to getting to Disney. I have to be enrolled in classes to apply to the DCP. my plan is to apply, make it, and find a permanent job or a group of people to room with. Since May, I have begun to save as much of my paychecks as I possibly can in order to have money put back for the eventual move. 
I have always enjoyed school well enough. But it has also never been a crazy important thing in my life. If I can be happy without a degree, great. That would save me so much time and money. If it would be possible to start off somewhere a Disney, and work up or find something I love and have enough roommates or a husband who has a good job, and just BE HAPPY. And be at Disney. 
So I’m taking this one semester at a time. If I need to finish school I will, but if something comes up after the DCP, then I will take that step. I’m just trying to not plan too far into the future, because I’ve done that before and it ends in disappointment. I have my goals, and have ways to achieve them, but I have plenty of “wiggle room” for things to change. 

Update for the week

Wednesday I decided to make a new goal for myself. It keeps me motivated, not bored, and mixes things up. Having something new to thing about or do makes it easier to not give up!!

The goal is to wake up early ONE day a week and go run outside before the heat of the day. I’m not a morning person so it’ll be challenging for many reasons. I always feel more productive when I’ve been awake longer, so if I could have one morning a week where I am able to run outside, I’ll feel better about my day. 
So Thursday  morning my alarm was set for 5:40, allowing myself a little time to check my phone and by 6:00 I was out the door. What I didn’t think about was eating. I walked down the street to my gym, because it’s exactly a mile away as a warm up, and started to run home but the energy wasn’t there. So I woke up at 5:30 A.M. just to walk two miles. 
Later that evening, I went out for an actual run. My first mile I ran in 11:10!! The second was slower at 13:45, but I still feel proud for what I did. Here’s my total time:

Today I began doing some cross-fit exercises I found on Pinterest. Now, I’m still not super into push-ups and the like. So while the workout said to do as many rounds in 20 minutes, I got through 2 rounds in 7:00 and was done. But when I do it again, I, hoping to do at least one more round and work up to doing the whole time. But it’s a good start and gives me some ideas. Here’s the weekly workout I found:

Also, here’s some recipes I’ve made this week! These are both delicious, and not going to kill your diet. 

The next two weeks are going to be rough. I have a lot going on, so I’m going to strive to do the very best I can the days I’m home so it will hopefully even out the busier days. I’m going to do a 24 hour juice fast tomorrow, to get a good week started for myself. I love juicing anyway, but I know I could do better this and next week, so to have a day of detox will be helpful for me.