It’s been a week…

So it’s been something like a week since I’ve written anthing…last week was just cray with work and not sleeping and whatnot. I’m also just an insanely boring person and have nothing to say for myself. I’m just not exciting. I spend my time reading and watching Netflix and that’s about it. 

I actually have written a post on my phone…but it’s one that after it sits there for a day or two, you realize it’s a bad idea to put out there. Even though no one will read it, the thought that someone would, and be offended by it keeps me from posting it. I can talk for pages on why I side with the LGBT community on marriage equality, but to go farther and discuss my views on religion seems a bit much. That would definitely cause my Facebook friends list to shrink even more. 
This last week I was able to run once. Tuesday I ran outside, and every other day was full of work or being social. I still ate very well, drinking mostly juice, and when I weighed myself, I had lost 4.4 pounds. I also have lost 5 inches all around. I am now down to 212.5 pounds! On my way to being sub-200. 
Lots of work this week, so I’ll have a great paycheck to put back for my future move to Orlando! And I finally have orientation next week, another step towards moving. I’m taking school one semester at a time. If I can get there this semester, do the Disney college program the next, then possibly find a permanent job there, I could just stay. I WOULD just stay. It’s my PLAN to stay should I find something and some roommates. 
So there’s just a small update on my boring life. 🙂

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