DCP and Future Goals

Last night I began social media stalking the hashtag #DisneyCollegeProgram. Of course, my heart immediately began to hurt. I am now following four of five different people all a part of the DCP, or are going to be in the fall.  the DCP website or the Disney Careers website can be found in my recent Internet browsing history. My life this summer and fall semester are seeming like a waste until I am able to be in Orlando. Now, I know it isn’t REALLY a waste. But when I feel SUCH a need to be there, nothing else in West Texas can quite compare. 

I’m finally able to register on the 21st, and I can’t say I’m insanely excited about school like I was last summer. This fall semester is a stepping stone to getting to Disney. I have to be enrolled in classes to apply to the DCP. my plan is to apply, make it, and find a permanent job or a group of people to room with. Since May, I have begun to save as much of my paychecks as I possibly can in order to have money put back for the eventual move. 
I have always enjoyed school well enough. But it has also never been a crazy important thing in my life. If I can be happy without a degree, great. That would save me so much time and money. If it would be possible to start off somewhere a Disney, and work up or find something I love and have enough roommates or a husband who has a good job, and just BE HAPPY. And be at Disney. 
So I’m taking this one semester at a time. If I need to finish school I will, but if something comes up after the DCP, then I will take that step. I’m just trying to not plan too far into the future, because I’ve done that before and it ends in disappointment. I have my goals, and have ways to achieve them, but I have plenty of “wiggle room” for things to change. 

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