Texas Tech– Red Raider Orientation

The time finally has come for Texas tech orientation. I haven’t been excited at all, though I haven’t been dreading it either. Is just something I HAVE to do, and I feel pretty “meh” about the whole thing. As far as the rest of my education goes, it can go either way. One, I can finish with a degree and get a job that either does or does not use my education. Two, I can not finish, not have a degree, and still get a job, but it happens sooner. Everything depends on the DCP and if I get in this coming spring semester. 

Something I noticed, apart from sheer size, is a major mental difference in TTU as opposed to HSU. at Tech, they cannot mention another school without putting them down. School rivalries are INSANE, and it’s ridiculous. If I was into sports at all, maybe I would care. But really, OU, or Texas, or A&M or TCU or whatever are JUST AS GOOD of schools as Tech is. I don’t understand football rivalries like that. And it isn’t worth putting down other schools. Sure, at HSU we called the other schools “Almost Christian University” or “Gay-CU” or “McDirty”, but we were also “Hardin-Sinners” and it was funny. Lubbock high schools have nicknames too, whether you go there or not. HSU never put down other universities, not even our “rival”, Howard Payne. Maybe it’s the private school vs. the state school. 
Tech also thinks very highly of itself. Maybe it’s just because I have zero school spirit, but I still don’t think it’s any better than anywhere else. Yes, it has more RESOURCES or more OPTIONS, but it’s also lacking in other ways, like friendliness and feeling like a family. HSU didn’t have all the newest and most expensive and most fancy resources TTU has, but it was definitely family-oriented and felt comfortable. No school is perfect, and each have their own strengths and weaknesses. 
At the student organization fair, most was the Greek clubs, but I did sign up for information regarding the Quidditch team, Triathlon group, and the Spanish group. I hope to find out about some more, or learn about becoming a part of The Daily Toreador, their daily newspaper. I have really missed being a part of a newsletter, and am hoping to be able to do that. I also wish that at Hardin-Simmons I had been a part of more. Although I didn’t want to pledge, I could have done Student Activities or Student Government or SOMETHING for those two semesters. I know it’s important to put on resumes, and to also find people with similar interests. 
The first time I have really gotten excited about the fall was at our college meeting for Media and Communications. I really do hope that Public Relations is where I thrive and can see myself doing forever. 

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