Meeting Olan Rogers

This past weekend I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite, if NOT my favorite youtuber. I’ve been waiting for this day for five years, and it finally happened. 

I have been watching Olan Rogers since freshman or sophomore year. I’ve seen every single video from both his personal channel and BalloonShop, the channel he and two of his friends made videos on. On my 16th birthday Jaelen and I stayed up and for seven hours straight we watched BalloonShop videos until we’d seen all 80. I dressed up as one of his characters for a party at school. I’m a big fan. 
Olan is a comedian as well as a fabulous movie maker. He tells stories about his life in such a way that I’m CRYING laughing so hard at each video. His short films are not only dramatic, but they also hold his sense of humor and passion for filmmaking. 
I’ve met Charles Trippy and the rest of We The Kings, but that was at their concert where it wasn’t really a time to talk with them. I got a picture and a signature. 

Meeting Olan was a totally different ball game. The point of his Eat a Slice With Me Tour was to talk to him, meet him, and connect. 

Honestly, it was very much like meeting a Disney character. 
What I mean by that is, yes you wait in line for about a 30 second or minute long conversation, but in that time, you REALLY felt like you got to have one-on-one time. 
A way that it was DIFFERENT than, say, meeting Aladdin, was that Olan wasn’t a character. Yes I cried meeting Aladdin, and it was the single most amazing character meeting I’ve ever had. 

But knowing that Olan wasn’t TRYING to come across as a character was amazing. It was surreal. 

I was shaking and thought I might pass out. I know that sounds extremely like a Belieber or Directioner, but Olan Rogers is my Harry Styles. I squealed. The people in front of us walked away and he looked at me and said hi, and I squealed. I couldn’t help it. I also peed myself a little bit. 

I love him so much. 

This is such a fangirl blog post. 

Just call me Tyler Oakley. 

Olan asked us how long we’d been in line and we told him about 2 hours before it started and drove 5 1/2 hours to get to Dallas. The amount of gratitude and humility this man showed was incredible. He said “you guys…THANK YOU.” And hugged us again. He is such a GREAT person and it’s obvious that he really cares and is so thankful that so many people came out to support him. 
It’s been almost a week, and I still can’t believe I got to hug his body! Dreams do come true, you guys. 

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