Harry Potter Would You Rather

While surfing Pinterest, as one does, I came across this set of Harry Potter Would You Rather questions. Being the fan that I am, I wanted to answer them!

My Harry Potter trunk. Complete with my high school diploma from Hogwarts, chocolate frog cards, and acceptance letter!
 I made my sister a huge gift for her 11th birthday. I bought the few books she was still needing in the series, wrapped them in brown paper and tied them with twine, then made tea-stained paper for her acceptance letter, with a seal and everything!

  1. Have Ron as a friend, or Hermione? Hermione. Because I feel like she and I could have very interesting conversations about books. 
  2. Fight the Basilisk or a Dementor? Dementor. I hate snakes. No thank you, sir. 
  3. Spend a weekend with Dudley or Kreacher? Dudley. I could just run around and he wouldn’t be able to keep up. 
  4. Be a Quiddich Keeper or Beater? Beater. 
  5. Be sorted into Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? Ravenclaw, hands down. I think Pottermore sorted me wrong. It put me in Slytherin, but I would TOTES be Ravenclaw.
  6. Have an Invisibility Cloak or Time-Turner? Time-turner. I’d love to be able to redo things or get through things more quickly. I’d probably also use it like Hermione and take more classes.
  7. Receive a Howler in front of your friends or eat a vomit flavored Every Flavor Bean? I’ve eaten the bean, so I’ll take that. 
  8. Attend the Yule Ball or Quidditch World Cup? World Cup! It’s on my bucket list! I’m not a fan of dancing and balls require dates. 
  9. Spend an afternoon at The Burrow or in Diagon Alley? Diagon Alley! Can’ get enough of the shops at Universal. 

  10. Have Snape as your father or Umbridge as your mother? Snape! Because he really IS a good guy in the end. Delores Umbridge was my school administrator. No thanks. 
  11. Have a pet Hippogriff or Phoenix? Hippogriff. How cool would it be to take that to school instead of my car?!
  12. Take a class in Potions or Caring of Magical Creatures? Potions! I have my own set of “potions” in my room!

  13. Have a flying broomstick or enchanted flying car? Broomstick!
  14. Be a werewolf like Lupin or ghost like Nearly Headless Nick? Ghost. Then I could creep on Sam and Dean Winchester. 😉
  15. Spend a week lost in the Forbidden Forest, or a day in Azkaban? I DID MY WAITING. TWELVE YEARS OF IT. I’d say the forest. There’s centaurs! Sagittarius, whatup?
  16. Play Quidditch or Wizard’s Chess? I don’t know how to play chess, nor do I want to learn. Quidditch.
  17. Be a teacher at Hogwarts or an Auror? Teacher! I’d like to teach charms.
  18. Have Hagrid as a friend or Dobby? Hagrid. Dobby bothered me. Everyone loved him, but I didn’t. 
  19. Change the story so Dumbledore didn’t get killed, or Sirius? Sirius, because Big D didn’t really do much, and Sirius was Harry’s only family left.
  20. Spend an hour talking with JK Rowling or Daniel Radcliffe? JK Rowling!

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