Kidd Kraddick’s Passing

I used to wake up at 5:45 every morning for school JUST so I could listen to Kidd Kraddick. Even on days I didn’t have to wake up early, I didn’t want to miss any part of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. Before I knew about Mix100, my morning show way back when was Air1’s Mike and Jeanie. Then they quit doing that, and I listened to Lew Dee and Diana on Stars 97.3 but nothing was quite as good as Kidd. 

For five years I was a dedicated listener. Every other station that would fundraise, I would stop listening to for that time (*cough* air1) but not when Kidd’s Kids came around. I actually looked forward to hearing about their trip and how they told each family they got to go. The level of PERSONAL caring that went on that morning show was unbelievable. Kidd and Kellie fought every day, but you KNOW they loved each other. Kellie said this morning, “I know what it feels like to be divorced, and now I know what it feels like to be widowed. After nineteen years…” And I bawled. Everyone else saw him as a father. He cared about everyone, and I didn’t Even know that part of him. Outside of Kidd’s Kids and the other little things he would do, until this weekend I never knew ALL of the selfless things he did for others. 
Kidd Kraddick made an impact on my life just like everyone else who came in contact with him, even if it was just over the radio. The show made me laugh till I cried, and reminded me that there ARE good people in the world. I always wanted to go to Dallas and watch them live and meet the cast. But I was never able to. Of course I could still meet J-Si, Kellie, Big Al, or Jenna, but I will never get to meet Kidd Kraddick. 
When I heard the news Saturday night, I sat on my bed in shock. As I started thinking about the memories I have of listening to the show, I began to cry. This is the first celebrity death since Steve Irwin in 2006 to make me this upset. Some people were more upset about Michael Jackson or Patrick Swayze or Cory Monteith, but this was mine. Any death is sad, but this was personal to me. I thought of Little Johnny, Kinsey, and Must-Be-Nice-Guy, and how I would never hear those characters again. 
This last year at school I didn’t get to listen to KKITM because I never woke up in time. For two semesters I missed tuning in every morning. Being back home, driving to work when I opened or just happened to be up, listening to Kidd was comforting. I was so excited to have morning classes in the fall so I could listen on my way to campus. I hope they keep the show going, but it won’t be the same. Kidd’s energy can’t be replaced. 
This morning I listened to the show as everyone talked about their memories and last moments. I cried as I was getting ready for work, and even at work while I had it on my phone. I will probably go home later this afternoon and listen to what they have online that I missed this morning. 
Kidd Kraddick touched so many lives. I can’t believe he’s gone. But as Shannon said on the air, he’s in heaven with the Kidd’s Kids that have passed, somewhere where there’s no more pain, and he’s looking after them. Whether or not you believe in heaven, he’s somewhere, and No Sleep Kidd is finally resting.


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