First Amendment

I’ve thought many times about exactly how public I would like my blog to be. On one hand, yes, I would like to actually have a small audience of readers who talk to me about what I’ve written and would like to stay a part of my life through my writing. On the other hand, I don’t know if I really want everyone on my Facebook to know about all of my thoughts. I have a very different way of thinking than most of the people in my life. My post on religion, for instance, was one I debated over even posting, for fear of my evangelical aunt and uncle or friends in ministry finding it and hating me.

But then I realized, it’s MY BLOG. I’m not writing any of this to either please or displease anyone. I’m writing it for ME and to keep MYSELF sane. If someone gets upset and concerned about my salvation and stuff, they can take it up with me and exorcize me if need be. But I’m exercising (not to be confused with the use of the word exorcizing in the previous sentence) my right to the First Amendment. Not only is that the freedom of speech, but of religion as well. So it’s a twofer (WOAH. I didn’t know that was a real word until my MacBook corrected it. Sweet. The more you know.) for my words and more specifically my words in said religion post.

Although I don’t know if I will ever post on Facebook, “Hey! Everyone go read my blog!” I will post a few entries if I feel like sharing, and it will be up to my friends if they wish to browse. I do Pin quite a few of my posts, because I would rather have strangers read my thoughts sometimes than my close family and friends. My mother doesn’t count. My mom is probably my biggest fan. She and I have very similar views, I think. She’s pretty much the coolest and can read whatever she wants to.

Hi, mom. 🙂

So whatever should happen with this, it’s my choice. If I want to post about picking my nose, I will. (Don’t be surprised if I do). If I want to post about my views on marriage equality (Which I actually have on a previous attempt at blogging, and probably will do so again when I take the time to formulate my thoughts again), or abortion (That is a possibility. I’ve thought about writing something, but not sure yet. Don’t ask for it, because I don’t know if I could make enough sense to write on it), or WHATEVER the hell I want, I will do so. Of course I will try and do it as very calmly as possible in case someone easily offended reads it, maybe the blow will be softened if I post lots of smiley faces. But I’m not going to censor myself or stifle my ideas. When you do that, you can’t grow as a person. I want to truly discover myself and how I think about things, and I believe writing is the way to do that.

So, if you’re reading this, leave a comment! Or don’t. I don’t really care. But if you want. You can also subscribe by e-mail to be notified whenever I post something, if you want to be shocked by my “edgy” ideas. 😉


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