BookTube and August Reading Challenge

On July 31st, I looked at the stack of books I had bought a few months back, and decided that they needed to be read. ASAP.

What does this mean?

This means I gave myself until 8:00 AM, August 26th, when I walk into my first POLYSCI class of the semester, I have to finish them all.

The stack had 11 books.

It’s the 4th, and I’ve already read three of them, plus another that was not originally in the list.

I also bought 10 books today and on the 2nd.

I might have a problem. A mental problem.

On the 31st, I discovered a YouTube Community called “BookTube” where people make book hauls, review books, and wrap-ups of what they’ve read in the month. WHERE HAVE THESE PEOPLE BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE?!?! I don’t have many people to geek out about books with, and in all my nearly 20 years of book reading, I have not known this existed. I am BEYOND excited to become a part of this group of people.


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