So Many Books…So Many Movies…Not Enough Spike.

I’m staring at an insane stack of books on my desk. It’s a stack of things I purchased all in the same week at the beginning of August.

Thinking back on my manic episode of binge book buying, I bought so many in such a short amount of time because I was going through a depression or bi-polar moment or whatever the hell I have sometimes. Where I used to emotionally eat, I changed it to emotionally reading. Because it allowed me to escape (cliche) and forget (also cliche) and tune out whatever things I was hating about myself. Hey, I’ll take it over gaining 20 pounds around my middle. I just gained 50 pounds on my bookshelf. More constructive. Not only that, but it also satisfies that “self harm” feeling (I don’t physically self-harm. Eating does that enough). I emotionally harm myself, and at least books can stab my heart and crush it and leave me in the corner crying because of another character’s situation.

Again, I’ll take it over the other way to do it.

I purchased 23 books in less than a week. (There are less than that in the stack, Piper is reading one, and two of these, Once, and The Paradise Trilogy, have 3 books in each.) Spending about $130 in total, it only comes out to less than $6 per book! That definitely helps justify buying a few hardback or new books when I bought SO many used ones to even it out. I’m going to  make an official August book haul on my youtube channel in a few days once I’m 100% well again.

While being sick, I also watched something like 15 movies in the last three days.

  • Up
  • Robin Hood
  • Step Brothers
  • Toy Story 2
  • Swan Princess
  • X-Men: Last Stand
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • The Black Cauldron
  • Back to the Future Part 2
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Princess Bride
  • The Matrix
  • Home Alone
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
If I hadn’t “lost” my debit card and had to stop mine, I would have Netflix right now and would have watched MUCH more. So ready to get my new card in….I’ve missed watching Buffy like crazy. >< Actually, I REALLY miss Spike. Yum. 


Can we just…..

Appreciate him for a second?
Ok. Spike tangent over. I may or may not have been on Pinterest WAAAAY too long looking at pictures from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. God, I love that show. 
Speaking of, I found a book version of it at Hastings…..I almost got it, but knew it’d throw me off with watching it. But I’ll proooobably go back and buy it when I finish watching it…
And finish the stack of 25 books on my desk…
What was I talking about?
Oh. Being sick. Movies. Right. Well….I’m distracted now. 
Peace out, girl scout. 

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