Three Things.

I have a lot of things to say. Bear with me.

First off: Tumblr. I don’t understand Tumblr. At least I don’t understand how to use it. I GET the people of Tumblr, but the whole process of posting and reblogging things and the layout of your page just confuses the crap out of me. I have attempted Tumbling probably 5 separate times, and each time I leave frustrated. I’ll stick with Pinterest for my funny photos, and Blogger for my thoughts, and for fanfics. Tumblr is my go-to place for gif reactions, but I don’t actually post much on it.

There is my Tumblr rant. I feel like an old person who doesn’t get how to text. But whatever. I can be a fangirl of things without Tumblr.

Second: YouTube. I really want to do better with my YouTube channels. Since I am going to school only part-time, I would like to increase my content on YouTube, just by better planning of my videos. And not saying “aaaaand” or “so yeah” after every thought. Practice makes perfect.

Third and most important: I have a phone interview for the DCP. Um, HOLY CRAP. I don’t even have anything to say about this other than that. Even though it’s the BIGGEST thing to happen in my life, I still can’t really believe it. I’m still in shock that I made it farther than when I last applied. My interview is Monday afternoon, and I need to be looking at interview questions and think about how I would answer them.

This is so important to me, maybe more important than anything has ever been. But, if I don’t make it, I will try again next semester. I have great hope that I will make it, because once they hear my passion over the phone, I can’t imagine not working out. But I’m not nervous. I don’t think I should be. It’s a big deal, yes, but all I can do is be honest and think about my answers. There’s nothing much more I can do, so worrying won’t do any good. If anything, I’m extremely excited to talk on the phone with someone, because I will actually get to explain how Disney makes me feel, as well as why I BELONG in the DCP.

So, if you think about me on Monday, send me some positive thoughts. 🙂

Live màs


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