ShayTober is Coming!

I was trying to post this as a Facebook status, but it got too wordy, so I decided I would just blog it, and post the link. Easier.

Tuesday, October 1st, is the beginning of ShayTober. Like the 5 Week Challenge early in the summer, ShayCarl, along with other YouTubers, is going to be doing a month of motivation and fitness. I’m so excited for this, because I’ve been in a slump the past few weeks when it comes to working out and health in general. I’ve needed motivation, and I haven’t made it a priority. ShayTober is coming at such a perfect time for me to re-evaluate my goals.

Like the 5 Week Challenge, I hope to post frequent videos marking my struggles and my progress. On the 1st, I will post an “intro” video, full of goals, as well as what I expect of myself on a day-to-day basis.

I encourage my Facebook friends to join me. Even if you don’t have anything to do with the YouTube part, I would love to have someone to encourage, and be encouraged by. If I learned anything from the 5 Week Challenge (from here on out I will refer to it as 5WC), it was that having a community of people on the same journey is probably the most important asset you can have. I’ve met some really amazing people from around the country, and around the world, who all share a common goal. We may get there different ways, but we’ll get there if we stick to it. So I want to be a source of encouragement to my Lubbock friends, Abilene friends, YouTube friends, whatever.

Let’s get back on track in October!!


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