Ellen Hopkins–Author "Review"

Christmas in September came with the Friends of the Library Book Sale two weeks ago. I bought quite a few books that I’ve already read, but never owned, and a few that just looked interesting. I judge books by their covers.

One book I judged was Burned by Ellen Hopkins.  I had never heard of the author, even though as I was reading it, a ton of people on my friends list raved about her books. That never happens! I’m never NOT in the know about an author everyone else has heard of. It was kind of nice for once. 
As I read it (it took all of a day), I discovered there was a sequel that had come out the week before. Talk about perfect timing! Got Smoke, read it in a day. Sitting at Yoga Bean while Jaelen and Trevor cried over engineer stuff, I cried over this book. So I went to Hester’s and saw she had two other Hopkins books, Tricks, and Identical. I snatched those up. I just finished those in the last day or two. 
Ellen Hopkins is a fabulous story writer. She’s a fabulous poet. She really seems to understand what young adults go through in their minds and actions.  What I love about her is that she doesn’t write happy stories. Pretty much all the books I’ve read in the last two months have been depressing as hell, and that’s all I have in my to-read pile. But Hopkins writes about REAL things. Real, tough topics, but it’s another part of life. The word I use to describe her works is: insightful. 
 I know nothing about selling my body to get somewhere like in Tricks. I don’t know about being molested or abused by my father. I don’t know about stifling religion. But I know it’s something that is out there, and people my age and younger have to deal with. It hurts to read, and reminds me how blessed I am to never have to be put through any of that. 
I’m excited to eventually buy her other books and read them, but for now I have too many others on my shelf to start before I can think of buying anything else!!

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