Emotions Because of The Mouse

Exciting news is Exciting.

Really, Disney news is Exciting. And there’s quite a bit of news from the Mouse.

Firstly, today is a “Hannah is emotional about the DCP” day.  Even more so than usual. I sat on my bed today Instagram-stalking current CPs and crying. I know when I get there, I will never leave. I can’t leave. The withdrawals I’m having between our last trip and knowing I’m going back in a matter of months is a lot right now. Just the other day I was thinking about Christmas and Christmas lights and the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights and got so heartbroken that I am not going to be able to experience that this year. There is NO better way to celebrate Christmas than  at the Disney Parks with the lights and the trees and the magic and the DIS. I can’t . There’s just nothing better.

So tonight, I’m insisting that the family play Disney Park Monopoly with me, because I need to feed my #DisneySide. I took out all the property cards and looked at them and cried.

I’m not okay. Don’t even get me started on the Skyway and 20,000 Leagues properties. 
Not only is DCP waiting happening, but the D23 News account tweeted today this lovely photo:
DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?!?! This means another movie, which means more Jack Sparrow–CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, which means more Johnny Depp, which means more eyeliner. This means MORE ADDITIONS TO THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN RIDE IN 2016. 
Life is good. 

Times, They Are-A Changin’

Literally my life is so boring right now I’m ashamed to even be writing a blog post about how boring I am.

Firstly, this blog isn’t anything cool anyway. We talked about blogging a lot in my PR class today, and it made me want to have all these cool opinions on things and share information and make some kind of statement with my words. But, instead, I rant or ramble, or make lists about my boring, boring life.

Secondly. Not that my life is GOING to be boring forever. It just seems that way because all my exciting stuff is 90 days away. Right now, everything else just seems less-than. My average day isn’t even worth talking about. It can pretty much be summed up with: 1) work, 2) netflix, 3) reading, 4) Disney, 5) coffee, 6) naps.

I’m not social anymore. Not that it’s my fault. It’s no one’s fault. Life is busy. People are backing away because I’m leaving. It’s normal. But it sucks major. In high school I thought I had all these great friends that I would hang out with all the time, now, we don’t even ‘like’ each other’s Facebook statuses. But I can’t bear to remove them from my friends’ list, because I don’t do that. I hold on too long. That’s a quality that is both good and bad about myself. I can’t let go even long after others have. I care too much about my friends whether or not I’m still a priority for them. Sad, right?

Though my life is just UBER FAB right now, (and how many times have I said this before??) I DO want to develop some thoughts and beliefs and blog more.  Mostly what I think about writing is just LONG Facebook statuses.  Statuses that require the comment: “TL;DR”. So if someone EVEN gives a crap, they can read my rant on whatever. That’s what this is: an extension to my Facebook. I feel like I’ve kind of neglected Facebook recently. I’m on Twitter and Instagram much more often these days. Maybe that’s how everyone is going, or maybe it’s just me. I still use it, don’t get me wrong, but as far as where I post and get my information, it’s Twitter.

So, there are some things. And I’m sorry for neglecting you, little lonely blog that no one reads anyway.


(I apparently started writing this forever ago and never completed it nor published it. So I’m publishing it mid-thought because I don’t think I could continue on the same brain wave.)

I haven’t written in two weeks. Why? Lots of reasons. Mainly emotional ones. Yes, I went back to old times at the start of school. But I’m getting better because of quick decision-making.

Let me start by explaining why I was at Texas Tech in the first place. When I decided that I didn’t want to continue at HSU, it was the middle of March. Deadlines were closing in, and I had to apply SOMEWHERE, and I didn’t really have time to make a healthy decision. Even as I was filling out the application, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted. I grew up saying I never wanted to go to Tech, and I knew I didn’t want to go there this year either. 
 Why could I not have applied at LCU? Or even SPC for a semester? For LCU, I didn’t want to go to chapel or take another 6 hours of Bible. I had already done it at HSU, and it was fine. But I wanted to come home and save money, which I wouldn’t have done at LCU. And I’m not a religious person, and don’t have a desire to take even more preachy Bible classes. I got that with Dr. Wiliford last semester. 
Even if I had chosen SPC, I would still have to transfer AGAIN after I got core classes done. Is only a two-year college anyway. And it’s so far away, I didn’t want to spend the gas driving all the way to Levelland. Driving to Tech across town is far enough. 
So, TTU it was. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it. But I honestly wasn’t expecting to hate it like it did. Even on the first day I told my dad I wasn’t expecting it to be a horrible day. I wasn’t excited, but I wasn’t prepared for the worst. But I got the worst anyway. 
For the first three days of school, I cried the entire way to my classes. From where I park, it takes me 30 minutes to get to the building I need. On the way, I cross a bridge over the freeway, and every time I crossed I would look over the edge and wonder if the fall would actually kill me. I wanted so badly to climb over the barrier and jump because I hated being there so much. 
The classes themselves I had no problem with. Besides the sheer size of them. But the professors were nice and the courses seemed to be interesting (except political science. But that’s expected). 
On Wednesday I decided I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t handle a semester of that. So I dropped down to three hours until I can re-evaluate where I want to be. I’m sticking with my intro to Public Relation