This is Halloween

Does it ever just HIT you that you look like an adult? Like you wake up, everything is normal, and then as you’re brushing your teeth, you look in the mirror and think, “Oh my god. I have the face of an adult. When did that happen?” I don’t know what it is, but that happened to me yesterday.

Of course, I will NEVER feel like an adult. I’ll be 80 and still giggling over princess movies and Disney World. Still, yesterday was a reminder of inevitable adulthood. There are some things I’m definitely excited about when it comes to “growing up” but they’re things like being able to decorate for holidays the way I want to. Which will be childish, as opposed to the fancy-schmancy way my interior decorator dad does it. Maybe some day this, too, will change. But I’d rather die than completely grow up.

Never in my life have we celebrated Halloween. It was evil and we were going to Hell if we celebrated the pagan, satanic holiday. Sure, it is. But we don’t care anymore. We don’t skin cats or anything, so we should be okay. But I really enjoyed handing out candy last night, even for a little bit. I wish I had dressed up, but I just wore everyday clothes.

Obviously, I’m not ready to grow up.
Still. It just made me excited to have my own place, decorate it, and make as big a deal about holidays as I want. Christmas, too. I want my own christmas ornaments, my own carved pumpkins. I want to put things out for día de los muertos. It’ll be great. 
Can I please seasonally work Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and give out candy? Pretty please? That would be the best. 

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