What Do I Want To See From This Blog?

I’d like to talk for a minute about what I would like to see from my own blog.  Mostly, I want to write this, because I want to discover for myself what I want out of this outlet. I believe self-expression is very important, as is the skill of writing. Every time my class meets, we are taught how important writing is in PR. Not only is it important in PR, but it is important in life. So, secondly, that is why I want to continue this. Not only this, but I want to find my voice. So there are three things at least that I want to see from myself.

Okay, so reasons one and three are basically the same thing. They are the same thing. But that means it’s important to me. I want to be able to have an opportunity to say what I want to say, how I want to say it, and not care if anyone reads it or not. I spent too many years of my early life feeling like I couldn’t be myself. The thought that I couldn’t believe what I felt was right for me, for fear of rejection. I’ve learned in the last three or four years that I don’t really care. Sure, I care a little bit, but generally, haters gonna hate, and they can de-friend me or unfollow me or whichever they please.  In the long run, it doesn’t matter. No one will ever believe the same thing about any topic, so why get pissy about it?

My entire life, I have adored writing. Whether it be letters, papers, or stories, writing has been a passion I have never relinquished. I have ideas for more formal blog posts, complete with actual introductions and points and supporting ideas. I have so many story ideas that I really should develop into outlines. Writing is a skill I would love to work on further and what better way than a blog?

I guess another reason I want to be a blogger so badly is to document my (boring) life.  Especially when it comes time to move to Florida and become even more independent than I already am. I would like to use this to keep friends and family updated with my life, along with texts and phone calls and tweets. Kind of like a dorky family newsletter, but it’s just me. At least I’m still dorky. When I get to Disney, more than anything, I want to be an awesome cast member. I want to be able to share moments I see guests have, or that I might be able to help guests achieve in whatever attraction I am set in.

Not that I think I’ll have any kind of great story that will be of any interest except to my mom, grandma, and maybe a friend or two. But If I can just have this as a memory for myself, I’ll be happy.


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