Walt Disney World October 2013 Trip

One month ago (today, actually) I was soaking up the magic of Disney at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The Tower of Terror 10 Mile run was happening in a matter of hours, and I couldn’t be happier. For some reason, it’s taken me a month to write a blog post re-capping my trip. From Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party to the ToT 10 Miler, plus general Disney greatness, I have a lot to re-cap. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. 

Thursday, the 3rd, was a travel day. Travel days always suck, because you’re so excited about getting to your destination, but you have planes and airports and layovers in between you and the Mouse. But we still tried to make the best of it. Apparently Duck Faces helped. 

 Nothing precisely memorable happened in the airport. But, then came time for the Magical Express. 

A tweet from the evening:


We haven’t even left the airport and I’m already about to cry. #HomeSweetHome @WaltDisneyWorld

And then I creeped on other Magical Expresses:
Hello, cute boys getting on a different magical express. Why are you not staying at the same resort at me?

We arrived at our resort, All-Star Music, and went straight for Downtown Disney for dinner. 
The beard on that musician at Raglan Road in , though…👅💦

Hellooo cute boys at dinner. Good thing I have this bottle of water.

I hope they don’t look over here at me. I’m on the struggle bus with these onion rings.

I intentionally volunteered as tribute to get the family salt and pepper and napkins so I could walk past the cute guys. All throughout the trip I thought, “HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO SURVIVE WORKING HERE WITH BOOKOOZ OF ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE WALKING AROUND.” And I still wonder how I can focus on my role with such males sauntering around my parks.

The first morning there, we were deciding what park to visit first. Mom and Dad wanted coffee from somewhere before heading to EPCOT, and I reminded them about the Starbucks in Magic Kingdom. So we spent our morning in the MK and got out magical Disney coffee. Most definitely worth it. 

Not that Starbucks is my favorite-tasting coffee, but everything tastes better at Disney. 😉 Including my fall favorite: Iced grande PSL with white mocha.

After we had our Starbucks breakfast, we went straight for Splash Mountain. My sister and I had been looking forward to this moment since our trip in May. Splash Mountain is our new favorite ride, and our parents had never been on, and it was time to initiate them to the Briar Patch.

Of course, after we had waited in line about 20-30 minutes, the ride had to be closed down for some kind of repairs. It ended up being down for an hour or two, so we weren’t able to ride it that day.

We have never seen MK in the fall. It still amazes me how each season is decorated, and the details they put in to making each holiday special. Even the Main Street Trolley Show is special for autumn. (I have a video of it here)

Seasonal Disney can’t really be beat.

Also, here is an adorable picture of my dad:

So, after riding our favorites, the rest of my family went on the Monorail to EPCOT, and I went to a resort so I could get to the RunDisney expo to pick up my race packet. I wasn’t 100% sure where I was going, so I got on a bus to the Boardwalk Inn, but of course, it’s one of the few resorts not offering event transportation. Instead, I had to walk around the lake/lagoon to the Yacht and Beach Club resorts.  
While waiting for the bus, I talked a while with the man in charge of the transportation. We talked about running and the ToT Run. He gave me some really good advice, and made me less nervous to actually complete the 10 miles. 
At the Expo, I picked up my race information and bib, as well as bought some things. At the official RunDisney booth, they had all of the medals on display, and it only encouraged me more. Seeing them, being able to touch them, instead of just seeing pictures of them online, was inspiring. 
After spending so much time at the Expo, I got back on the bus and went to a resort I knew had a Monorail station, so to the Polynesian I went. We won’t even get into the idiot I made of myself trying to find where the station was. It took forever and I felt so stupid. But, had I waited any longer, what occurred next would not have happened. 
At the EPCOT Monorail transfer/Ticket station, this happened: 
Hellooooooo cute boy at the Monorail. Yes I am getting in the same car. 
And, the car wasn’t full. So, how was I going to stand when there was plenty of room next to Mr. Gorgeous? 
Holy shit he talked to me. We talked the whole ride to EPCOT. He works here. He has a girlfriend but that’s a minor detail.

He looked just like Flynn rider, you guys.

It was the best Monorail ride of my life. How did I get such a beautiful specimen on man to talk to me, you might ask? I have such a perfectly geeky phone case, I used it to my advantage. How can any boy resist a Captain America phone case? So, obviously, he complimented it, and said he had been looking at getting one, but got a case with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit on it instead. I had already seen the one on his phone. Then, he asked me if I worked at Disney. I told him no, but would be in January. Turns out, Mr. Hottie did the DCP, and is now working seasonally at the park while in grad school. We talked about me doing attractions, and which attractions would be the most entertaining to work. He said places like ToT and Haunted Mansion would be fun, because you get to be in character. 

“But you seem to be too energetic to act in character on a ride like that. You would be better on Jungle Cruise or Safari or something like that.” Of course, I explode and tell him Jungle Cruise is my DREAM attraction.

“Did you tell your interviewer that? They really take into consideration what you say in the interview.” So I take it that I have a good chance of getting it, since I couldn’t shut up about it during my interview.

We talked more about the DCP and how his experience was. This is how I found out he has a girlfriend. He told me how great his roommates were, and how he still keeps in touch and visits them. Apparently, he started dating his roommate’s sister. Of course, I cried a little inside from that point of the ride onward. Still, he was very sweet and pretty much ignored the friend with him the entire trip and only talked to me. So I’ll take it. I didn’t ask for him to yak the whole time. But I’m glad I had the guts to keep a conversation going.

As we approached EPCOT, (obviously, I didn’t want us to ever get there), Mr. Flynn Rider told me, “Maybe I’ll see you next year, then!” And I made a last effort to do something, so I extended my hand and told him it was great meeting him, and my name is Hannah, by the way. His name is Rob. *Dies*.

Then continued my day in EPCOT. I kept hoping I would see him again, but I never did. I met up with my family and we went around the world showcase.

In looking through both my computer and my phone, I just realized I didn’t take one single picture at EPCOT. What?? What kind of tourist AM I?? Not a picture of Spaceship Earth, not a picture of the Showcase Lagoon, not a picture of ANYTHING. So, I suck.

My sister and I love going to Japan Pavilion and getting candy. It’s kind of a fun gamble to try out different things. As we were paying, the guy behind the counter was asking us about our trip and how it was going. Then, he said the sweetest thing that, because of the language barrier and translation, came out so beautifully. He said: “I’m glad you are having fun. And I hope that you have fun until the last moment.” And I will forever love him for it. I wish I had remembered his name, just so I could properly attribute the quote to him.

The next day was Saturday, which meant race day. But the race wasn’t until 10pm, so my mom and I went to Animal Kingdom while dad and Piper stayed at the hotel and swam. We rode Expedition Everest, the Kilimanjaro Safari, and went to DinoLand U.S.A., which I had never been to when at DAK.

In previous WDW visits, we spend very little time at DAK. While I love the park for what it is, there really isn’t much to do in comparison to the other parks. But I love the atmosphere of the different countries and the dining DAK has to offer. Tusker House will forever be my favorite. But when we went to DinoLand, I was very disappointed. It felt very much like a carnival instead of typical Disney theme park standards. The Primeval Whirl was not fun, and the area surrounding it was not up to what I think a Disney park should be like. I did, however, enjoy the Dinosaur ride, even though I will forever hate the movie. It was a lot like the Indiana Jones ride at California Adventure, but it seemed very short. Mom wasn’t a huge fan of Dinosaur, though. 

I got my first Mickey Bar of the trip while at DAK, so it wasn’t a bad trip, overall. 

Then, before we left the park, we stopped and saw Finding Nemo the Musical. You guys. This show was so perfect and well-done, I can’t even put it into words. The puppetry and costumes and voices were spot-on. Again, see the video I linked above for clips from this performance.  My mom and I were just blown away from the whole show, and will definitely have to take the rest of the family back to see it next time.

Race time approached, and it was time to get on the bus to the pre-race dance party. I was doing the race alone, though I knew a girl I’m friends with on Dailymile.com was also doing it and had messaged me that we should meet up. So when she arrived with her friend, we stuck together. It was really great having other people to talk to and run with for a while. I do believe that having running buddies is EXTREMELY important and helpful, especially with distances like the ToT run.

Here is a link to a gallery of all the photos I took from the run. You can’t even tell just HOW many people were at this event, it’s just a sea of bodies.

Something I thought was so great about this Disney run, is how special they make it for each corral. Just because we weren’t the first runners, we got just as much hype and fireworks in the I corral as the A coral. Video here of race clips and finishing information.

After running 10 miles, I didn’t exactly feel as up for partying as I thought I would. So, I left DHS never doing Tower of Terror or Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at all. And those are some of my all-time favorite rides EVER.

Sunday was a full MK day. Piper and I went in the morning and spent a lot of time there, then went back to All-Star and got ready for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party that night. We met Ariel (who was a dud of a character. Maybe she was new, but she didn’t really talk to us. So that was a disappointment.), and Gaston, who is SUCH a tool, but was perfect. He was so funny with the little girl in front of us and her brothers. When we got up to him, I was wearing my race shirt and he asked about it. I told him I got a medal, but didn’t wear it because I didn’t want people to be jealous.

“Did you win?”


“Then nobody cares.”
Not long after that, we left to go back to the hotel. Then came rest and costume time. The minute we returned to the park, Piper and I went to get in line to meet Jack Skellington and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.  Never in my life have I waited so long for ANYTHING at Disney. Even when I met Rapunzel I don’t think it was 2 hours. But I waited 2 hours for them, because they’re such special characters for Halloween. Little did I know, later into the night, their line would be very quick. But I got it over with, and had plenty of time for other things. And how perfect they were. 
This may possibly be my new favorite character picture. Sally told me she liked my shoes, and I said they almost match Jack, and he thought that was GREAT, and the photopass photographer caught this moment. Perfection. 
Then, straight to Space Mountain we went. There was a 5 minute wait. Which meant we got on immediately. On the way, however, we stopped at the dance happening with Monsters Inc characters. They were playing all kinds of good Halloween music (see that first video again). They also played Wobble, 

But piper wouldn’t let me stop and Wobble.
We rode the Tomorrowland Speedway, and got to see Pooh and Friends in their Halloween costumes. While waiting for them, the Hallowishes fireworks show was happening, and how I WISH I had been able to take photos of that. Fireworks were going off from every corner of the park, and it was SO loud, Pooh and his friends were scared.

Wanting to ride Pirates next, we headed from Fantasyland to Adventureland, but were stopped by the Boo To You Parade. Holy. Best and most favorite parade I’ve ever seen at Disney. If you’ve never seen it, at least YouTube the song. The parade involved everyone, Limited Time Magic characters, villains, and other traditional characters. 

We were standing behind, what I can only guess was a Make-A-Wish kid, or something similar to that. Every fur character that walked by went over to her and gave her special attention. Even more, this made me so excited to be there in January and get to make some child’s day.

And then, my friends, I met the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow. He was more perfect and more beautiful than I ever imagined a Jack could be. Just hold me, please. Forever. 
And this meeting, along with the Aladdin last Christmas, only reminds me that I WILL know these men. And it makes me wonder which one I will fall in love with (The actual answer to that is ALL OF THEM, but the real question is which will fall in love with me as well, because that MUST happen.), because that’s a big question for me. So that will be fun to say someday. “I met my husband because he was Aladdin at Disney World and I flirted with him as a character, then stalked him later.” Because that isn’t creepy at all.
Then, the night had to end, and we had to get on a plane the next morning and return to the big brown, flat, ugly turd that is West Texas. Nothing is worse than having to load up on the Magical Express and have characters sing, “Now it’s time to say goodbye to all our family…” And Mickey tell you “See ya REAL soon!” Because it will never be soon enough. 

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