Cast Member Magic

Today I experienced the first bit of what I call Disney Cast Member Magic. During my interview for the DCP, I was asked why I wanted to do the program, and I told Sarah how I have had such great service and experiences as a guest because of CMs, I want to be on the other side of that; the one PRODUCING the magic for guests.

Well, on Tuesday, a coworker brought his eight year old daughter in the store for a few minutes and when he introduced her to me, he told her that I was going to Disney World to work with the princesses.  When she left, she said, “Bye, Disney!!” Which was precious enough.

Today, he told me she has a journal that she writes things in that are important to her.  He said when they got in the car after leaving the store, she began writing in it.  Later, he looked to see what she had written and the journal entry said, “My new friend Hannah is going to Disney to work with the princesses.” It was important enough to her that she wrote it down. Obviously, she’s 8 and it isn’t something that in the long run is going to be important to her. But it was on Tuesday.

This is why I want to work there. I want to be a part of guests’ lives, even if it’s just for that day because I said or did something in my role that stood out to them. But this was the first moment to feel that, and I haven’t even moved there yet.


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