DCP Class Registration!

Disney Institute class registration: check.
Classes with roommates: check.
Excitement gone up another notch: check.
Yes, last night/this morning, registration for DCP classes opened. The onboarding website told us it would be available at 12:01 AM on Monday, November 11. The obvious thought was that it was Eastern Time. But at 11:00 Central time, nothing but the orange circle of death appeared due to EVERYONE trying to get on.  Once that calmed down, we realized that registration was still unavailable. Then we assumed that, since a majority of the Disney offices are in California, it was Pacific Time. So, waiting two more hours, we tried again. We received the same result. 
My friend, Ryan, posted this on one of the DCP Facebook groups. But it isn’t the circle of life. It was definitely annoying. But still a very clever post. 
Finally, after deciding it wasn’t worth it to stay up any later, I told my roommates to call or text me in the morning when they got online to let me know when the website was working. So, at 7:40 this morning, my roommate, Athena, texted me.
Athena: did you register
Me: no. Is it up?
Athena: Yes. Disney Heritage starting the February 11th, 12th, or 13th?
Me: Let’s do the 11th.
Athena: What about guest service
Me: I did the 10th. I heard they like you to do them two days in a row, because those will be your off days.
Athena: Trizzle. Yay!!!! Registered!!!!
Me: SO EXCITING. Thanks for texting me!
Athena: No problem!!! I was hoping you’d be awake.
Well, I wasn’t, but I would have missed getting into the classes I wanted if I hadn’t been woken up! So I’m very grateful that she texted me. 
After getting that settled, I went on Facebook to add to our roommate group message that I was all good! Through that, I discovered that Jenna is taking Exploring Disney Heritage with us, and Paige is taking Exploring Guest Service with us! So that’s beyond exciting to be able to have class with each of my roommates.  This also means that we will have the same off days, and will be able to hang out or at least see each other instead of having totally opposite schedules.  If we end up liking each other as much as I think we will. 
So, with my registration process done with, what exactly am I taking?
Exploring Guest Service is basically an overview of every part of the resort and how guest service works in each area. I am excited to be taking this class, because I’m hoping it gives me more direction in finding which area I would most like a career in.  I also feel as though it is a very good class for networking; that it will give me some good resources and people to talk to that will give me good direction when it comes to school and a career path.
Exploring Disney Heritage is Disney History 101. I could teach this class. I am in love with my Walt Disney biographies, and can’t wait to take this class to be able to learn more details about Walt himself and his company. 
Because I am participating in the Spring Advantage, I am eligible to take a summer course if I choose. If I decide to, I would like to take the Corporate Communications class, because it seems to be very PR-ish. I was originally planning on taking that course, until I discovered the guest service class. If I decide PR is still what I want to be doing, then I will take the communications class during the summer. But who knows what I will learn and what opportunities might arise that are even more perfect for me? My friend, Tucker, told me the other day, “You’ll be working you way up in no time and be a director of some resort or better,” and I hope he’s right. I would very much like to work in a resort where I have the opportunity to interact with guests constantly. I’m not an office job type of person. I want to interact and talk to people.

So join me as I take these classes and network within them with my roommates. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “DCP Class Registration!

  1. Hannah did you ever take the corporate course or know anyone who took HR management or corporate analysis? I'd love to take those. I took Marketing You and organizational Leadership when i was a CP back in '08. I hope I can go back.


  2. No, I didn't end up registering for Corporate Communication. After taking the two classes at first, I decided I would much prefer to have the extra time to pick up extra shifts or to have a full off day. And I don't know anyone in the other two classes, but I'm sure they're great! 🙂 Good luck!


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