DisneyLand vs Walt Disney World

I just updated my Disneyland park app, just for kicks and grins. As I was looking through the layout of the park, it made me feel like my whole life is a lie. Like, “NO. THAT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. THAT’S SUPPOSED TO BE AT EPCOT. THAT’S WRONG.”

And then I remember, “Different park, babe. That’s not your park.”

And then I get really sad that I don’t get to experience Disneyland like I do Walt Disney World. Not that we were extremely impressed with Disneyland when we went last May, but we were so used to the immense size of WDW that DLR just couldn’t compare.  We spent too much time comparing the two that we didn’t appreciate it for what it was. And for that, I’m very sorry.

I still have so much nostalgia for DLR, simply because it’s the original. It had Walt’s physical planning and presence through everything. He walked the streets of the park at night, he had his apartment overlooking Main Street.  He blessed the park by being there.  That’s something WDW will never have.  Of course, he’s there. Walt will always live on through the parks and the company. Still, Disneyland will always be special. And that is why I’m sorry I was a snob about it while I visited.

And now my mom won’t take me back so I can make it up to the park. 😦

–Obviously, this is not a full comparison post. This is more of an extended Facebook status. A little short for a blog post, but too long for Facebook–


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