To Facebook Friends and Family and People Who Might Care

Welcome to my blog. If you haven’t already visited, please make yourself at home. I wish I had a guestbook for you to sign. I’ll look into that. But, let’s get into it.

Sometimes I link blog posts on Facebook. But a lot of times I’ll write something that I won’t. It’s either because the topic is too much for my Facebook friends, or it just isn’t a huge deal at the time.  Other things I feel are very important for me to let you know about what I’m thinking.

 So, if you want to know my uncensored thoughts and feelings, sign up to receive emails whenever I post. I might only write one post a week (if that) or three a day.  Today I seemed to crank out several, but that will not usually be the case. I’ll go weeks without a single thing to write about. But I love writing and would very much like to get into a habit of writing at least one post a day.

Blog posts will range from what I call “extended Facebook statuses,” to longer rants/reviews/thoughts/or whatever else I choose to tell you about. It really just depends on the topic and what I am feeling. So reader discretion.

“Extended Facebook statuses” are shorter. They’re shorter than what a normal blog post is, but slightly longer than what I feel is appropriate for Facebook statuses. They’re the type of status that requires a “TL;DR” comment from Trevor. It is also possible that I have reached my self-given “Quota” on Facebook for the day, but still have thoughts, so I will write them here and lengthen them some. SOMETIMES I have ideas that are more controversial for my current friends list. (See my post on religion if you want an idea.) But I have decided I’m tired of having elephants in the room. I have slowly made comments online about said elephants, and am not ashamed of them. More likely, blogging will be my way to expound on those elephants and flesh them out more than I ever would on Facebook.

Anything else I may write is a free-for-all. It may be about Disney, or some kind of media (social, books, movies, television, etc), or health and working out.  I am also not going to refrain or censor myself from writing about things that are important to me, and feel like I need to give my opinion. That is what it will be: MY OPINION. I have some posts in mind regarding things that have happened in the last week or so that I want to talk about in-detail, but have yet to compile all of my thoughts so as not to leave anything out. With that said, some posts will be better organized than others.

I love the idea of sharing opinions and content through the internet. That’s what we have talked about in my PR class recently: exchange of information. And that’s what I want to share through this blog. So I really would appreciate comments, whether it be beneath a post, or on Facebook, or through text. Heck, you could buy me coffee and talk about my blog if you wish to do so. But, like I said in a previous post: I really want to utilize this next year in Orlando. Because there will be things that are too long to text or put on Facebook, and I would like to recap in full events and happenings through writing.

This blog is an outlet for me to find myself. I’ve said it before, but it’s true. The last few years for me have been those of self-exploration, and it’s been an interesting journey from the start. I wish I had been actively blogging through the last four years, but now I am. And I love it. It’s my personal writing style, so I will go back and forth from very comfortable speech to very formal. I know I’ve done it a lot just in this post alone. But this isn’t an English class; it’s for me, and so I can use as many commas, as, much, as, I, damn, well, please. <–But that hurts to read. So I promise I won't do that often.

If you have any suggestions of topics or ideas, I welcome them. Even if it isn’t something I feel like writing about, it could spark an idea of my own for something in the future. Either way, I do appreciate you taking the time to care.

So please, join me on my quest to discover who I am and what I think.
Most sincerely,
Hannah N. Jackson


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