What Motivates Me to Work Out

There are several things that can motivate me to work out:

1) Myself. 
               Because I’m tired of feeling like I do, and looking like I do. 
2) Attractive boys.
               Because I think to myself, “Boys like that would prefer a fit girl.” I don’t say this to upset myself, but to motivate. I know I will find someone who loves me no matter if I weigh 150 pounds or 200. But it’s a pride thing for MYSELF. *I* want to look good for both him and myself. So this doesn’t have anything to do with putting myself down as much as it is giving me a goal. 
3) Tattoos.
               Because I want to work for Disney, I can’t have any visible tattoos. So the only places I can get tattooed (that will still look good and not trashy like tramp stamps) are places that I need to work on at the gym. I love rib tattoos, hip tattoos, thigh tattoos, etc. Of course, it’s all dependent on style and placement and yadah yadah. I just like them generally. 
4) Health.
               Because I don’t want to DIE from something stupid that’s caused by being unhealthy or overweight. 

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