The Disney Look

Before I begin, let me say these guidelines do NOT in ANY way, shape, or form, keep me from being excited about the DCP and working for the Disney Company. I promise. But today is the first time something has happened that I think, “Eh. Yeah. Not looking forward to that too much.” but it doesn’t take over my feelings for the program in itself. This will just take some getting used to.

I was already aware of certain guidelines Disney has for it’s Cast Members. I knew I would have to remove piercings, cover my tattoo, change my hair to something normal. I had come to terms with that. Today, I began looking through my closet for more professional dresses that I could wear to Traditions and class. In looking at the Disney Look for non-costumes roles (i.e. Traditions and class for me), and comparing them to my closet, I have about three individual items that aren’t even able to be worn together.

Fabrics should be those traditionally acceptable for business, such as tweed, wool, cotton, polyester, silk, linen, rayon or blends of these fibers. Unacceptable fabrics include spandex, gauze, metallic fabrics, sheer fabrics, clinging knits, denim and chambray. Patterns that are large graphics, large company and non-company logos, and styles that suggest extremely casual sportswear are not permitted.”


I understand having a business-like dress code. But how is not being able to wear patterned dresses more professional than having patterns? The dresses I own are long enough to be professional, and are styled appropriately. I have shoes, which I think are still office-worthy, but are too patterned to work for Disney. 
The guidelines aren’t ridiculous. KPA dress code was ridiculous. I just don’t happen to own anything that fits, which only means shopping. If I want to work for the company, I need to change my mindset to be able to find solid-colored business casual clothes.  That’s what I’ll be wearing full-time someday. 

Side-note from clothes: I have a hair appointment for next Wednesday. As is obvious from the photos above, the bright blonde needs to go. 

There is my necessary post about DCP dress. I’m sure when I get costumes for attractions, there WILL be something about the shoes I have to wear, cause those are NOT going to be cute. But, it’s part of working there. Once I’m there and everyone else is wearing the same not-cute shoes, I won’t care. It’s part of what I love as a guest seeing the CMs in costume, so of course I will be okay with it once I’m wearing it. 

I’m still unbelievably excited. 🙂

I just don’t believe that “professional” and “patterns” can’t be friends. 😉


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