DCP on Facebook

Facebook groups and pages are good ways to get to know certain groups of people. You can have a community and meet people through the page. You get a lot of good from them, but, unfortunately, you get some bad along with it. Being involved in 5 DCP Groups and one page, I’ve learned a lot about the people I will be spending the next 6 1/2 months with. It’s not all pretty, and it’s actually a little scary.

I’m in so many groups because I wanted to be able to be in contact with different groups of people. There are different groups depending on your role, move-in date, housing, etc. I just added myself into all of them for networking.

 I’m in the MAIN DCP 2014 group, though I have removed and re-added myself so many times because there are so many arguments started in the comments of posts. The drama that exists in these groups is insane.  We haven’t even had a chance to MEET each other, and I already hate some of those who will be attending the program with me. Although I’ve heard the parent group is worse, the regular student group is pretty bad, too. Everyone who was even interested in the program is a part of this group, so you have a mix of NLIC’s, alumni, and current accepted CPs. This leads to drama just because of the sheer size and emotions going through everyone for whatever reason.

I am also in the group for those who are accepted into the spring advantage program. This is a little bit smaller, and really, this and all the other groups I am in are the same. They run together and the rest of my pros and cons about these pages are for the groups in general. I’m also a part of the attractions group, and the January 13th arrivals group.

Besides the drama that is mostly present in the main group, the main thing that bothers me about the type of posts made is the way people ask their questions. When people ask, “Is anyone moving in on [insert day here]? I don’t want to be the only one!” Out of 5,000 people, you WILL NOT BE THE ONLY ONE MOVING IN ON ANY GIVEN DAY. It’s just an idiotic way of asking a question. Same with “Is anyone accepted into [insert role]?”or “Is there anyone from [Insert state]?” If you were asking a specific city, I would be more caring, but it’s just the way the questions are formed, more than the actual question they mean to ask.

What I love about being a part of these groups is for the actually useful questions. Like about the Disney Look, or things to do around Orlando, how off days work, or the typical shift in the program. It’s worth it to ignore and silently judge people’s dumb comments when you’re looking for something specific. I’ve used it myself to double-check something or find out how life down there works.

Tonight, I discovered a new page. The DCP Confessions page. It just sprung up, and I thought it would be interesting to like it and see what happens. If the main Facebook group has drama, this page is the MOTHERLODE of drama. This page is the drama mama. It’s disgusting what people will say when they get to remain anonymous. We learned this from the HSU Crushes twitter page, that people are gross. Here are a few examples of the worst things said (so far) on the page.

Okay, Confession #11 is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever read in my life. And I’ve read a lot of funny things. 
This page is a lot like the Whisper App, which I can only take in small doses. This is worse, though, because I will possibly be working with these people. I will not ever meet the people on Whisper. It terrifies me that these people are going to be my co-workers. They’re going to my in my apartment complex. 
I’m not going to pretend that I’m better than any of these people, because I’m not. But I do have higher priorities than using the program to hook up with people and party and make bad choices. The program and the opportunities I am going to be given are too important to me to jeopardize that by being gross. I just have higher standards for myself.  (Although if Chris Evans or Jensen Ackles were to offer their bodies, I wouldn’t say no, but that’s not going to happen so there is nothing to worry about.) But the amount of people acting this way makes me sick. Just because you’re in college does not mean you don’t get to take this seriously. Act like the adults you will inevitably become. 
I’m not a prude. I used to be, but I’m not anymore. But this is scary. Disney has standards, and these people obviously do NOT. I can’t believe some of these people made it into the program, while others who never got a chance had to be rejected so these disgusting people can hook up at Vista Way. People who would take the program seriously as a job are not able to, because of sluts taking up the acceptances. And that makes me very sad. True colors are being shown in this page, and I have no way of knowing who to avoid until it’s too late because anonymity makes it so easy to be fake.

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