And now, the moment I know you’ve all been waiting for….my Miley Cyrus post.

For months, I’ve been obsessed with Miley for whatever reason. I’ve wanted to write a blog post about her, but haven’t been able to form coherent words because I’m in such a state of confusion about her. I love her, but I don’t, but I REALLY really do love her. So yesterday, I decided while I was at work to write about some thoughts and try and pull them all together and analyze why I love her, and hate JBiebs, and compare some parts of Miley’s career and just gush about her.

Firstly, before I talk about my reasons for loving/hating MC, let’s just talk about her. Remember when it “Can’t Be Tamed” was SO crazy? What about her “rap” about deleting her Twitter? I remember everyone freaking out about that. Or when she was filmed smoking Salvia? Okay, that one was a big thing. But the others weren’t. Also, her hair. I have loved her haircut since the day she did it. Everyone thought she was going Britney and shaving her head, but I loved it. I’m all for girls cutting all their hair off. Obviously. I don’t think you can do anything better to show you’re transitioning to something than drastically changing your hair. Whether it’s just discovering who you are, or trying to get away from a certain perceived role, cutting/dyeing your hair is the best way to do it. Just look at Emma Watson or JLaw or even women who cut/shaved their hair for movie roles: they committed to breaking away for “traditional” styles that women have. So for that, I commend Miley for getting away from the Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana look.

Miley Cyrus is beautiful. I loved Hannah Montana when it was on, but never really was a fan of her. 11-year-old Miley was annoying and goofy-looking (as most 11-year-olds are anyway), and I was more of a Lily fan anyway. But right up before she cut her hair and currently, I think Miley is gorgeous. Except when she does the weird knots on her head. That looks dumb. Even her style (when she is actually wearing clothes, mind you,) –sometimes– is pretty cute.

I’ve been Googling her photoshoot for Cosmo, and I’m just in awe at how pretty she is. 
Let me get into my specific reason for loving her. While I do NOT condone her behavior, she still owns it. I like her for her confidence in what she is doing, and not being ashamed for who she is. In looking at her various Cosmo interviews, she said that she’s never hidden anything. When compromising things would come out during Hannah Montana years, she never hid what she was doing; it was just who she was. Even though her actions are not at all classy, she still owns it and has actually transitioned from Hannah Montana Miley to Bangerz Miley very well. It wasn’t as though one day we all woke up from Best of Both Worlds to We Can’t Stop. There were plenty of things in between as she matured that led to who she is now. And now, she’s just being Miley. I love Miley for the same reason I love Jennifer Lawrence: while JLaw is moral, kind, and caring, and Miley is sexualized, and ratchet, they both know who they are, and don’t worry about anyone but themselves. 
As I am obsessed with her, I’ve been listening to all my Hannah Montana and other Miley songs, and have found a lot of similarities between her old and new careers. 
  • See You Again: I can’t sing this song now without doing it this way, “The last time I freaked out, I just kept looking down, I stu-stu-stuttered when he asked me what I’m thinkin’ ’bout. Bangerz, bangerz. Felt like I couldn’t breathe, he asked what’s wrong with me. My best friend laughed and said, ‘Oh she’s just bein’ Miley.’ “
  • Hoedown Throwdown vs. 4×4 feat. Nelly: Really. Listen to the music of these two songs. I’m sure someone has put these together on YouTube, because they are basically the same song. Okay. I just checked, and I can’t find it anywhere, but just listen for yourself and compare them. 
  • Then there’s this: 

Speaking of, her VMA performance was just a mess. I haven’t even watched it all the way through, only what people have shown on other videos and in Gifs, but from what I’ve seen, it was a wreck. The thing that made it popular, was because it was SO MUCH. It worked because Miley is doing everything right. Whether her performances are good or shocking, they get us talking, which means publicity. 
So why do I love Miley, but HATE Justin Bieber for acting the exact same way? I still don’t know. I’ve never been a JB fan anyway, but even now he’s the biggest douchebag and all-around awful person. He spits on his fans, pees in mop buckets at restaurants and other unmentionables. But, really, they’re moral compass is set in the same direction. I just will always hate JB and love Miley and that’s how it’s going to have to be. 
Either way, they can’t be expected to maintain the 12-year-old image they started with. It’s impossible. If they did, society would ridicule them for NOT growing up. But instead, they grew up, and are being ridiculed for that. So you can’t win. 

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