Eating in the DCP?

From older blog posts, you know I have been on a journey to change my diet and health lifestyle. It’s had its ups and downs, for sure, but I’m actually quite proud of what I’ve done. Even times where I haven’t stuck completely with health, I’ve made up for it with other things. Because I haven’t been working out like I wish I would, eating less than I normally would have and trying to make better decisions has made all the difference. 

There’s no way I won’t eat cake if we  have it. Or have a soda if I’m out with friends at dinner. But the trick is not getting a refill, or not eating ALL the cake we have. That’s what has made me able to maintain the weight I have been at for so long. NOT gaining back everything I lost over the summer is much more important than losing more. 
But, with that said, I WOULD like to get under 200 pounds before I move off on my own to Florida. Life will be so busy and tiring, I can only imagine I will NOT go to the gym like I would like to. If I go at all. But I have decided on a grocery list already that will help not feel so bad about what I eat while I’m down there. I’m hoping eating not-awfully will be easier than I think. With two of my roommates NOT eating any kind of gluten, and one not eating red meat, I think it will be easier to not buy those things in the first place. Not to buy Oreos and M&Ms and Lucky Charms and ice cream, but to get better options to at least keep around the apartment. If I don’t buy it, I won’t eat it, and won’t really even crave it. 
In the parks, it’s another story. I will still most likely eat whatever when I go there. But what is most important to me is to keep food AT HOME that is good for me. 

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