This Our Blog Party We Can Say What We Want–Substances

*DISCLAIMER* Like my other TOBPWCSWWW post on Religion, this is ONLY meant to share MY OPINION on a certain topic. Like the Miley Cyrus-inspired title suggests, it’s my blog and I’m going to use it for my own voice. Many people I care about very much, and many strangers have inspired this post, and I just want to say that I don’t mean to hurt you in any way. But I have to say this because I have to share how I feel.

Something I never thought about having to deal with in adulthood is knowing people that drink or smoke or use other such substances. Yes, I knew cigarettes and alcohol was a thing, and it didn’t bother me that much. But in going to college and now about to move to Orlando, I’m becoming more and more aware of choices people make in regards to these things.

Alcohol has never been an issue in my home. My parents drink, but have never abused it, and I have never looked at legal drinking as a bad thing. For myself, I do not see any kind of alcohol in my future. I don’t like the smell, don’t like the affects it can have on people who choose to abuse it, and definitely don’t like the calories. But I’ve never been around people who I know drink while underage. Not until recently.

In high school, there were a few people I knew that drank, but I didn’t care much for them so it didn’t upset me quite as much when it came to them. But in college, when some of my very best friends began telling me about getting drunk on holidays or weekends, I began to get upset about it. I was aware of the partying people at HSU, but I wasn’t friends with them, and, like the guys in high school, didn’t really care. It was when it was people I considered myself very close to that caused me to worry about the friends I had chosen. In seeing the kinds of people taking part in the DCP who will be partying and making terrible decisions, I don’t want to waste my time making friends with them only to find out their habits later.

What bothers me the very most about these people drinking is that they are underage. When you are at home with a parent or other responsible, legal adult, I’m not so upset and judgey. Still maybe a little, but not near to the extreme as when people are sneaky about it. Age limits are put on certain things for a reason. Because there are those who NEED age limitations, even if there are others who do not. American teenagers and young adults are a majority of idiots, and putting an age on alcohol consumption/purchasing is a great thing, though it is not enforced very well. Go to another country where the age is lower and drink legally. But nothing bothers me more than those who abuse alcohol under the legal age.

Alcohol isn’t the worst. Yes it is fattening and not great in excess, but there have been studies that show it has some benefits. Here and here are two articles I found discussing the risks and benefits together. Find your own articles, as well. Still, for me, I don’t like it and would much rather be fully aware of my surroundings and actions.

I’d rather be around people who are drinking in moderation than smoking. I DO NOT tolerate smoking of any kind, whether it’s cigarettes or hookah, or whatever. I don’t even have proper thoughts or reasons, because I shouldn’t have to. Smoking is SO terrible for you, and please browse the CDC website on this. I can’t even read all the facts on this without crying. I can’t imagine why someone would choose to kill themselves with cigarettes.

Not only is smoking one of the worst things you could possibly do for your health, you smell GOD-AWFUL, and why would you want to smell that bad? Why would you want the added wrinkles when you’re older? Why would you want your nails to look like that? Why would you want to sound like that?

There are so many wonderful people who do smoke. Smoking doesn’t make you a bad person, so please don’t think I’m saying that. I found a list on IMDB of people who smoke, and I love so many of them. Hell, Walt Disney died of lung cancer because he smoked so much. Classic films are full of smoking, because that was just the norm. These days, though it isn’t uncommon, smoking doesn’t have the same attractiveness that it may have in Audrey Hepburn and Clark Gable days. Cigarettes aren’t cute. Think of the secondhand smoke and the people who you are affected because of your actions.

Drugs are another VERY OBVIOUS thing that I am against. No explanation necessary. Don’t do it.

YES. These are CHOICES you and only you can make. I understand that. But it’s a choice that affects other people. If you say or do something that hurts someone else in the process of YOUR habit, it is no longer just about you.

I just think, why not do something better with your time? Paint your nails, learn to knit, read a book, drink some coffee. Why do something that can potentially END your life because you created a bad habit? I also consider overeating just as harmful to your life, and that’s something *I* struggle with. It’s a habit that is just as hard to break as smoking and drinking. No one is perfect, but I definitely do not condone any actions that involve alcohol, smoking, and drugs.


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