DCP Send-Off and Frozen Weather

Last week, I received an email from a DCP campus rep for Texas Tech congratulating myself and the 9 others participating in DCP Spring 2014. He invited us to a “Send-off party” so we would be able to get to know each other a little in order to have some home connections before leaving for Florida, as well as to talk to some DCP alumni. I was actually really looking forward to going, but today, the day of said party, this is what the weather was doing at 9 am:

Basically, Anna upset Elsa. 
so I had to feel like this all day:
And basically sang “Let It Go” and “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” while watching the weather get worse and worse and worse. 
I didn’t get to go, because I’d rather not die trying to drive somewhere. I already know one guy that’s doing the program, and have made plenty of friends from all over that will be down there. Some are alumni and some are going to figure it out with me. I’m still a little disappointed the weather did what it did, but it just meant I got to take a four hour nap today instead. 


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