One Month

It’s December 13th.

It’s 8 days till my birthday.
12 days till Christmas.
I guess it didn’t register yesterday that today would mark 1 month till DCP takeoff. But when I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to check my phone and Paige tweeted this lovely reminder:
It’s getting down to the wire. I have a lot of “lasts” coming up. It’s both exciting and scary. This is different than leaving for college in Abilene, this is the other side of the country. There are 1260 miles between Lubbock and Orlando. I can’t just drive home for a quick weekend like I could last year. This next 8 months will definitely change me, and help me grow. But before that I have:
  • My birthday in 8 days on the 21st.
  • 4 more days at Always Tan. My last day is the 23rd.
  • 11 more days at my parent’s store. My last day is the 4th.
  • Lots of last-minute things to do to prepare like:
    • Get the oil changed in my car and check tire pressure before our road trip.
    • Finish packing and load up the cars.
    • Hang out with my friends one last time.
    • Spend Christmas with my family.
    • Clean out my car and room.
  • Go to Inkfluence and have them remove my conch piercing. I didn’t realize that you can’t just unscrew the ring, but in fact have to pry it apart. So that’s fun. 
Yesterday, Athena’s and my shower curtain came in the mail! I bought that, and she got the bathmat and trashcan and other necessities. We’ll buy the shower liner when we get down there. I’ve never felt like such an adult and child at the same time buying my own Mickey Mouse shower curtain for my apartment. There’s still a lot we will need to buy once we’re there; things like food and cleaning supplies and such. 
It’s just still becoming real. I don’t think it will really hit me fully until I am going through Traditions, and even then, I won’t believe it. 


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