Jamberry Nails

This post is definitely a shameless plug and giant infomercial. But trust me, if you need a gift or just something for yourself, hear me out!

My mom was invited to an online party for a friend of hers selling Jamberry Nails. She bought a few just to support her friend, and ended up falling in love with this product! So she signed up to sell them, and I signed up under her because they had a Black Friday special and it was too good a deal even if I don’t do anything with it. So first, let me tell you about what this is and why you should care.

http://youtube.googleapis.com/v/KaykpuMe53w&source=udsJamberry Nails are nail wraps that come in hundreds of designs. One sheet is $15 and comes with enough to do each hand 2-3 times (or more if you mix and match) and even enough to do some toes.

Putting the nails on is super easy. I put mine on over both polish and shellac, and they worked fine. Jamberry made a video showing how to apply the nails. Seriously. So easy.

Once they’re on, the wraps should stay on for at least two weeks, at least that’s about how long my mom’s lasted until she got her new ones and wanted to change them. It feels very natural, and no different than having shellac done–especially if you’ve put them on right!

Here’s what mine look like:

I’ve got Aztec Afternoon and the plain white tip on currently.

Go to Hannahnj.jamberrynails.net and browse! They have sorority wraps, bold patterns, solid colors that are available in matte, solid, and glimmer, sports, and more! Some that I think are really cool are the clear background ones. You can get nail wraps with basketballs on a clear wrap, so you can support your team by painting your nails in their colors and it shows through under the basketballs. Or the holiday Christmas lights are the same: paint your nails red and green under the wrap! You can’t really tell in my photos, but under the white tip wraps my nail is painted a sparkly nude/light pink that shows through.

Got a little girl to buy for? The Jamberry Juniors are sets of nail wraps especially for the tiniest nails! These come with two styles, the top style having 14 wraps and the bottom style with 28. There are more on the site, but here is a screen shot of a few.

The heater they sell is very easy to use, but a hair dryer works just as well! In the same way, sure you could buy an “orange stick” with the nail kit they offer, but a toothpick or a wooden skewer would probably be just as efficient. As long as you don’t touch the part about to go on your nail, you’ll be fine. 
These are really great gifts for women you know who love doing their nails. Or if you enjoy it yourself, but don’t have the time. It’s super quick to put on and you don’t have to be helpless for hours while polish dries. Plus, the designs on these are über-cute!
And for those of us doing the DCP that will have to adhere to the Disney Look that doesn’t allow fun nail styles, there are still options for us! The white tips look SO natural, and it’s way cheaper than going and getting a manicure every time you need one. There are also quite a few neutral colors/light pinks, that, depending on your skin tone, could very well maintain the Disney Look but still giving you a manicured look. 
So, if you are ever interested, go to my website listed above and order some! They ship right to you, so you don’t have to worry about placing an order through me and me having to get it to you. You’re welcome to order through me if you’d rather, but it’s so much simpler to do it online. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have! I want to have a “party” for these online to market these, so if you are interested in being invited to that please let me know! I’d like to do it before I leave for Orlando, which is in three weeks! 

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