Christmas, Packing, Birthday Resolutions, and More!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Basically, my life is full of anticipation for the near future, and one can only say

so many times before it becomes obvious. Also, the only thing I’ve even been able to think about writing is about the Duck Dynasty stuff that everyone has been talking nonstop about. 
But, honestly, anyone who knows me knows EXACTLY how I feel about the topic, and so I will save it for another day when it isn’t expected. The hipster inside of me wants to wait anyway until it’s no longer on the trending topics to mention it. 
Christmas happened. That’s a thing. I pretty much had the best Christmas ever. Nothing can really beat having the one-and-only Mickey Mouse call you while you’re watching the Disney Parks Christmas Parade to tell you you’re going on a Disney Cruise right before DCP check-in. So Christmas will be continuing for weeks! Sorry, Piper. WHICH IS ANOTHER THING. My sister is such a Grinch. She HATES Christmas so insanely much. I don’t understand. I love Christmas. 
I’ve been struggling with packing these last few days, just knowing how far I will be away from home and HATING the idea of not bringing something I need ASAP just to have to buy it there when it’s sitting at home. I would rather bring too much then spend money I didn’t need to if I’d just brought the dumb thing in the first place. Not only am I packing for life in Florida, but I’m also packing for the drive down there and the day or two at the parks, but now I am also packing for the three day cruise from the 8th-11th. So I’m trying to figure out what to pack where so I know where it all is!

Something else I decided to do it forget about New Year’s Resolutions. Not like anyone ever keeps up with theirs anyway. But I AM choosing to decide my resolutions a week and a half early and do Birthday Resolutions instead. It’s basically the same thing since my birthday is so close to New Years. BUT it makes more sense to say you want to do something during a certain age. So here are my 20 Year Old Resolutions:

  1. Train for a half marathon
  2. Begin reviewing things. (I suck at trying to review, so I want to get better at that)
  3. Be able to do a handstand
 I say I want to TRAIN for a half marathon, but I want to do the WDW Half or Princess Half which are in January and February, so I can’t complete it while being 20, but I definitely want to get to that point in the next year. 

As far as reviewing goes, yes, I watch a lot of movies, read a lot of books, listen to a lot of music, but I really struggle with thoughts when I say if I like something or not. In the next year I would really like to focus on explaining WHY I like or don’t like something. I think watching BookTube reviews and seeing blog posts on certain things will really help me develop my own opinions and be able to express them. It takes practice, which I have zero of!
For the handstand, doing that involves gaining muscle and upper body strength. While that is the end goal, there is a lot that goes into it. This also means I will have to do some yoga and other things that will help gain that strength to be able to accomplish this goal! I have been wanting to get into yoga for a long time, but am too self-conscious to go to an actual class, so I’m stuck doing things in my room from YouTube until I can gain some confidence to find a good outlet for it. 
My journey to Florida begins on Saturday. My entire life will be packed up into my car and my mom’s car to take me to live at the Happiest Place on Earth. I switch from being insanely ready and excited and nothing-can-stop-me feeling, to being terrified and upset with the realization of how far away I am going and the people I will be leaving here. It’s such a HUGE thing and a MAJOR life change for me that I know I will learn from and grow through it. Still, it’s a lot for me. But I know I will not regret the opportunity I have been given, even as I sit in my room like: 
So don’t expect a lot from me in the next little bit of time on here. If you care, follow me on other social media for up-to-date information until I write a full wrap-up probably after I’m settled in Orlando! I’ll have plenty of photos and videos that I will want to share!

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