Crying Over Leaving My Parents

Well, a mother, a real mother 

Is the most wonderful person in the world 

She’s the angel voice that bids you good night 

Kisses your cheek, whispers, “Sleep tight”
 Your mother and mine
Your mother and mine
The helping hand that guides you along

Whether you’re right, whether you’re wrong

Your mother and mine

Your mother and mine

What makes mothers all that they are?

Might as well ask, “What makes a star?”
Ask your heart to tell you her worth
Your heart will say, “Heaven on earth”
Another word for divine
Your mother and mine

My mom is the absolute best person I know. She has taught me to learn from my mistakes and she and my dad have always encouraged me to follow my dreams. They have my back through everything. Moving away is one of the hardest yet most exciting things to happen to me. I’m so happy that I have their support. <– Yes I stole that from my own Facebook, but it's so entirely true and I'm sitting here crying and there really isn't anything more to be said other than I love my parents so FREAKING MUCH that it KILLS me that I'm leaving. I know they will visit often, because that's how they are, but it won't be the same. It's the only reason I even get upset about leaving. Yes, I will miss Jaelen and my dogs and grandparents like absolute CRAZY, but parents are just a special kind of people. 

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