Nervous Breakdown and Pirate’s Life

Yesterday was my second day of being off-training for Pirates. The first day was pretty uneventful–in the best of ways. But yesterday, my rotation put me on Tower–which scares me so badly. It isn’t hard if everything goes right, but Tower is the one every other position calls if something should go down. So, let’s just say I had a nervous breakdown during my time there.

It wasn’t anything bad…just that the stupid guy at Unload kept calling me every 20 seconds needing a coordinator, so I tried calling for a coordinator and got flustered. Then Port and Starboard kept calling me because I wasn’t dispatching boats, because I was trying to call a coordinator. Then literally EVERYONE was calling me and I was on the verge of tears when Jon finally came to take my place.

I feel like Tower should be a position you should do after you’ve become comfortable with the rest of the ride first. Just like me being moved from Bed Cleaner to Sales at Always Tan; it’s something you “earn” because it’s a lot more responsibility and work and severe safety critical. I got overwhelmed, and I know I will be fine to do it again and not make the same mistakes, but it embarrassed me that I sounded and felt like a 5 year old and didn’t know what to do when everything was beeping at once during my first rotation there.

Later in my rotation, I went to A Pirates Treasure of the Seven Seas, forever hereby known as APTOTSS (Or if you ask Mike, Applesauce), the treasure hunt game. I got stuck there. For. Two. Hours. Because after I got there, Pirates went down and they were forced to Evacuate. Yes, going through an Evac would be a learning experience, but after my time in Tower, I was glad to be away from anything crazy. Plus, I got to see the back end of the Electrical Parade and hear Wishes. I was a little wet and cold, but if you have to be stuck somewhere, APTOTSS isn’t a bad place. I got to see several families complete the game, and interact with them a lot. Most of them I saw later when I was loading boats to close.

Standing at the game (which you just lost), hearing Wishes play, singing the song, I felt a lump in my throat. I never ever believed I would be working here. Because my Wish DID come true. I’m here. It’s so unreal–Tower crap or not, I love it here.

The last hour of my shift was so much fun. I was put on Starboard, which is typically the Fastpass side. When the park slows down, there aren’t really enough people to send down to both Starboard AND Port, so I stood there dispatching empty boats. But I had fun because Jon and William each went to Port and I got to mess around with them and the people on their boats and just enjoy working. We sang pirate songs, I memorized the safety spiel in Spanish and said it loudly across the load area, and otherwise safely goofed off for the few guests in our last dispatches.

All in all, yesterday had ups and downs. But being anywhere for 11 hours usually does. I still love it, and I’m so happy to be at Pirates of the Caribbean.


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