Hello, Princess!

I already love greeting little girls who have visited the Bippity Boppity Boutique as the princesses they are dressed as. One day at Mast, I saw a little Ariel and welcomed her as such. Her dad turned to her and said excitedly, “She called you Ariel! She thought you were Ariel!” and the look on her face was absolutely priceless. Occasionally I will get the girls saying, “I’m not Belle! I’m Lily!” or whatever their name is. Usually they just grin.

A few nights ago, I had two Anna’s come through separately. To each I went up and sang, “Do you wanna build a snowman?” and continued to sing the entire song until they walked away and I could say, “okay byyyyyye”. The first little girl wouldn’t sing back, but she gave me a huge hug. The second wouldn’t sing, but the rest of her family did. When I turned to complain to whoever was working with me that no one ever sang back, the little girl ran back to me and started singing. I’m pretty sure it was more magical for me than for her.

I also like asking the Elsas if it’s their fault the country has been so cold. They usually just giggle and move on.

One day I was walking through Fantasyland as a guest when I saw two sisters dressed as Elsa and Anna. I turned and exclaimed “It’s Elsa and Anna!!!” their dad said, “$5 for an autograph and a forty minute wait!” I asked if they wanted to sign my autograph book, and they did. I talked to them for a good five minutes and then gave them pirate stickers that I had in my backpack.


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