For Your Safety…

Yesterday I told a kid not to climb on the wall “because we’d hate to have to call someone to clean up your blood from the floor. Then we can’t send people to these boats because they don’t want to step in your blood and it’d just be a big mess.” His dad looked at me and said, “You’re a lovely person.” and went to their row. 

Yes. Yes I am a lovely person, thank you for your sarcasm.

On the same line, last week I was standing at FastPass return and was telling a kid not to play with the ropes. It’s a normal thing for me to tell people and thought nothing of it. That is until his redneck father came up to me and told me, “You don’t yell at my kid!!” I was seriously afraid this man was going to hit me. I apologized and told him that I only got onto his child for HIS safety. “It don’t matter. He’s a kid. Don’t yell at my kid. Let him do what he wants.” So, if his child pulled on the rope and the hook came undone and flew back and snapped him in the head, you will wish your dumb mohawked kid had listened to me. 

Just because you are at Disney does NOT give you the right to not follow instructions–ESPECIALLY when they are put in place for the safety of the GUESTS. It’s not my safety I’m worried about with kids playing with the ropes (except the safety of my job), but I’d rather not have to call a coordinator because you got hurt. 

Be smart. Be safe. Make good choices. 


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