Missed Chances.

Fun welcome-to-my-life story.

Friday night I went to Downtown Disney to see Captain America. I was actually going to meet a friend, Matt, and two of his friends at the Fork and Screen at 11, so I was killing time at World of Disney until then. About 15 minutes before the movie was to start, I headed back to the theater. Firstly, I assumed that the AMC regular theater and the Fork and Screen were in the same location, just different sides. Nope. But more on that.

As I’m walking, three guys about my age were in front of me having a very in-depth discussion/argument on Disney Princesses. They were talking about the “Core Seven” and how Mulan is too bad-ass she doesn’t even need to be a princess, etc. I butt in and tell them I’m digging their conversation and after talking, realize they are also going to see Captain America. The one I talked to most on the walk back to AMC was wearing a Captain America hoodie from Hot Topic, which was of course adorable, and we talked about other Marvel movies and things we’re excited to see in theaters. I asked if they were from the area or just visiting, and hoodie guy says he’s not from Florida, but is going to school here. We all finally introduced ourselves and found out their names were Keegan (21), Will (22), and Nick(25), and they all go to Full Sail University in Winter Park.

I get a text from Matt that he’s at the lobby by Planet Hollywood, which was my first realization that there are two separate theaters. The movie we were planning on seeing started RIGHT THEN and I just decided since I was at the wrong one to just go home. So I told my new friends, “Nice to meet you, but I guess I’m not seeing it tonight since I’m at the wrong place.” But Keegan invited me to see it with them instead and see the midnight showing. I agreed to walk around DTD with them and hang out, so I texted Matt. Mid-text he walks up and I break the news that I’m ditching him. Poor guy, his other friends had ditched him too. But I invited him to just go to the 12:00 showing instead, but he declined. I’d spent all day with him in the parks, so I didn’t feel as bad as I should have.

So, me and my new friends wander around DTD for about 45 minutes, I find out about what they’re studying: music production, animation, and all kinds of other things that I find attractive. I told them about working at Disney. All three of them were extremely nice, and reminded me of my friends from high school. It was as if I were hanging out with Asher, Connor, and Jacob. Just their personalities and interests were very similar. Plus, they were super-cute.

We go to the movie and I sit in between Keegan and Will. Keegan is a massive comic book geek person, adding to the already-adorableness. So he had a lot of information I didn’t know because I know nothing about the Marvel comic world. The movie was FANTASTIC and I was glad I didn’t poop out and go home like I almost had.

After the movie ends, I’m begging in my head for ONE of them to ask me for my number. ANY OF THEM (preferably Keegan or Will, but I would have been okay with Nick, too.) Or at least Facebook. Nothing. It probably didn’t help that Matt had shown up earlier, so maybe they thought we were together. I don’t know. But come on. I saw a movie with them. I wouldn’t ditch someone I was seeing to go to a movie with three rand-o’s.  They had parked over by Marketplace and I had parked behind Cirque, so I thanked them for letting me see the movie with them and that it was nice meeting them, still hoping for something. Keegan hugged me and said, “Maybe we’ll see you around!” I said, “Probably not…” still hinting that they had no way of contacting me. Will gave me a REALLY good hug, like dang. And the more I think about it the sadder I am that *I* didn’t just man-up and ask for their numbers or last names or something.

It’s not like if I meet a Cast Member. If I know their first name and work location, I can find that on the Hub within seconds (don’t ask how many times I’ve done it). I’ve kicked myself over it for two days now, because I’m so disappointed that I didn’t take the initiative and just do it myself. I’m too old-fashioned and hate the idea of a girl making the first move. I’m not that much of a feminist. But Friday night I wish I had. Even if nothing came of it, I enjoyed hanging out with them and wish the friendship could have continued but I have no way of ever seeing them again. I’m also not going to deny that I looked under ‘Missed Connections’ on Craigslist just in case. I’d never post one there, but I thought just maybe.

So, life lesson learned: even if it isn’t flirty, GET PEOPLE’S NUMBERS. Or Facebook. Or Instagram. Just SOMETHING to be able to contact them. Because I could have missed out on something and now I’ll never know. Damn it. Because they were all straight.


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