Welcome to My Normal

It’s really amazing how normal my life feels. Walking down Main Street at Midnight because I can, running to EPCOT for lunch, seeing a movie at Downtown Disney, making a day of Universal Studios. Every bit of this is my norm now. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would (basically) live at the Magic Kingdom. It’s been three months, and every day I can’t get over how amazingly blessed I am to be living my dreams at Walt Disney World.

It makes me really sad for those who are miserable being here. First of all, life is too short to hate your job. And second of all, of all the jobs to be miserable at, Walt Disney World isn’t the place for that. I know plenty of people who do nothing but complain about working here. They exude negativity, and guests notice. I will NEVER be a Cast Member who has to work at WDW. I will forever be a Cast Member who gets paid to play at Magic Kingdom and make great memories for families on vacation. 
Being a pirate isn’t a job. It’s a lifestyle. 
It’s true. But seriously, even on days where “work” is hard, I don’t have to force myself out of the apartment to go to my job, because it isn’t a job to me. I have so much fun with my friends and guests and my leaders. I get my work done like I’m supposed to, but I love finding ways to make it enjoyable. Sweeping the queue isn’t all that fun and it makes me hate people who leave trash on the floor three feet away from a trash can. But I don’t care. Because being here means so much to me and I’ll never lose that. A lot of Cast Members either lost it a long time ago, or never got here with it. Some people deserve to be Cast Members, and others work here. There’s a huge difference. 
I will forever be a Cast Member. A Cast Member who never loses themselves in “working” but can’t wait to see what guests they can meet today. That’s the coolest part of my job: meeting different people every single day. Occasionally seeing the same person a time or two, but every day brings new “First Visits” and that makes me so excited to be a pirate. I get to experience families on their first visit to Walt Disney World and be a part of their vacation. I wish I knew why some Cast Members are so miserable. We work in the most Magical Place on Earth. We are so lucky to be here in this “normal” that some people may only get to experience once in their lives, or may never get to experience. I love sharing my “normal” with them. 


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