Pirates of the Caribbean is a 40 year old ride. Not only is the ride old, but it’s also haunted by a temperamental ghost named George. The last several days, we’ve suffered multiple downtimes, several of which were by unknown causes. Lots of complaints have been made to leadership and maintenance, and for a while it seemed that nothing was being done to fix the issues that our four-day refurb didn’t seem to touch–in fact, to us, it seemed to be worse than ever. Boats are doing weird things, phantom work lights turn on for no reason and the computer still thinks they’re off, something crawled in the a/c at the game and died, not to mention all the guest-caused downtimes that happen on the regular.

During Track Talk on Saturday, our leader, Chris, began with this:

“We know there are things happening with the pirate ride. The pirate ride is like a cake. It’s like this: you buy a cake, you take a bite and think, ‘This doesn’t taste quite right,’ but you don’t know what it is. So you have your friend taste it, they say, ‘You’re right, it doesn’t taste right but I don’t know why.’ You take it to the place you got it and have them taste it. They say, ‘It doesn’t taste right, but we can’t put our finger on it. Go to the bakery and see if they’ve done anything different with the recipe.’ So you take it to the bakery to have them taste it. They say they make the cake the exact same way they always have. They go check if their ingredients are from the same place and so on.”

He went on to explain that our problem(s) are like that: we’ve done the same thing, and have no idea WHAT the problem is, all we know is there IS a problem. At least now we know that higher-ups aren’t completely ignoring our complaints. There are still visual problems with the ride that is embarrassing to us as Cast Members, but mechanically there is something being done.


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